Friday, June 28th, 2013

Big data specialist ISD has been awarded two SA iAwards for its cloud-based predictive analytics tool Simulait Online. Simulait Online is a real life "SimCity" application which can accurately predict human behavior of individual consumers or a complete population. More importantly, Simulait Online can assist business and Government test complex scenarios to design ways to influence human behavior.

ISD won awards in both the Consumer and Government categories, having applied Simulait Online to a range of industries such as water, energy, emergency response, transport, and retail. Simulait Online is being used in Australia, USA and Europe.

ISD's Director Dr Don Perugini said "Businesses can use our software to assist with marketing, promotion, or pricing strategies to sell more products, or to better predict how well a new product will sell. Government can use our software to help design cost-effective social or environmental policies".

Simulait Online is a cloud based tool that can be accessed by users on-demand through a web browser. Users can predict the behavior of large populations using limitless computing power in the cloud.

Dr Perugini said "We have traditionally used Simulait Online to predict what complete populations will do. However recently we have demonstrated ‘customer personalization' where we have used less than 1% of data about specific customers over a 6 months period, and were then able to accurately predict what that customer would do in the next 2 years - we knew what that customer would do before they did!"

Using simulation and artificial intelligence technology from the Defense industry, Simulait Online is able to predict how people actually behave: the choices they have available; how, why and when they make those choices; and what external influences can alter their choices.

"The most common alternative predictive tool is statistics which projects what people have done in the past; but the past is not always a good predictor of the future. These traditional tools are unable to test complex scenarios that can influence human behavior" said Dr Perugini. "Simulait Online has not only achieved over 90% accuracy in predicting what our clients' customers will do, but allows our clients to test a range of strategies or policies to influence their customers' behavior".

For more details, call Dr. Don Perugini at ISD on +61 (0)8 8343 8455, email [email protected], or view the website at

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ISD (Intelligent Software Development)

ISD's Simulait allows you to better predict and influence human behavior at any level from individuals to complete populations, in order to assist with business strategy and Government policy... it's like a real-life SimCity application!

Simulait has been applied to a range of industries globally including water, energy, retail, transport, emergency response, Government policy, and organizational analysis, where it has achieved greater than 90% accuracy in predictions.

Don Perugini
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