Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Connexion Point announce the launch of LTFSTOR – drop and drag to tape technology. Connexion Point  are Australia and New Zealand market leaders in sales, service and support of tape data storage technologies supporting the IT industry since 1995.

Using the new award winning Linear Tape File System(LTFS) technology, LTFSTOR combines a dramatic reduction in storage costs, faster access to data and  very stable long term data preservation that is critical for SME’s and enterprise organizations.
Businesses big and small are drowning in data. As the burden of big data continues, organizational resources are struggling to keep up. Companies today face an exponential growth of data that is valuable to their business, but rarely accessed – so management need archiving solutions that are simple and secure but also cost effective and compliant.

Companies want their data to be easily accessible (for the right people), but employees and clients or customers need to be assured that their data is safe and secure.
These apparently conflicting needs can make choosing the best big data archiving and back up storage system a challenge.

For businesses that have data storage needs that are constantly changing or growing, the preferred storage medium for an affordable, stable solution is tape. More data than ever before is now being archived for the creative, health, security & technolgy verticals using tape as a support format to cloud incase of natural disasters or data corruption .

With advances in its technological capabilities, single tape cartridges can now easily store more than 3TB of data and require consistently less power or management than disk. Cloud based solutions, although an effective use of company resources, remain a challenge for many businesses due to concerns of long term access guarantees, privacy or data jurisdiction from the US Patriot Act, and international data storing compliance. IRD cloud based tax compliance requires that business records are stored in data center’s located in New Zealand – not offshore.

The new LTFSTOR technology ensures faster data access says Doc O'Connor General Manager of Connexion Point. “Because LTFS is an open format, your data is always accessible without the need now for any proprietary software, nor in the future - making it particularly suited for long-term data archiving”.

Identifying the need for new, cost effective, easy methods of data storage, industry giant IBM developed the LTFS system for an affordable and accessible approach to big data storage. The LTFS system industry suitability and success have now been proven by the  multiple industry awards and global embrace of the technology since its introduction.

Awards have included the FOX Networks receiving an Engineering Emmy Award in 2011 for a project that uses LTFS to store, exchange, and archive video content, the 2011 Hollywood Post-Alliance (HPA) Engineering Excellence Award and a Pick Hit Award from Broadcast Engineering at NAB 2011.

Adds Doc O’Connor: “With data growth EXPLODING,  the costs of data storage is increasing forcing many larger enterprises looking for more cost effective solutions to data back-up and archiving. LTFSTOR provides an industry standard alternative to the traditional server or cloud based choices."

To learn more about LTFSTOR, industry use of tape archiving and how it could help your organization visit

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Connexion Point Systems

Connexion Point  are Australia and New Zealand market leaders in sales, service and support of tape data storage and back-up technologies supporting the IT industry since 1995.
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