Friday, June 21st, 2013

In the 21st Century, we are constantly required to evolve according to technological development, and sometimes small businesses can be left behind. "But this shouldn't be the case," says Brianna O'Neil, owner of Melbourne property styling company, styled by hibernate -

"Technology can actually level the playing field for small businesses" adds Brianna. "It's just a question of keeping up."

In the space of two weeks, Brianna took styled by hibernate from being near invisible on Google's search engine, to page 1 of it's preferred keyword search, without any money changing hands. "In Australia, Google is even more dominant than globally – accounting for almost 95% of the market."

Says, Australia’s leading performance-based search engine optimisation and online marketing company, so small businesses cannot overlook this as a potential revenue stream. 

"As a small business," says Brianna, "I didn't have the disposal income to hire expensive SEOs or place a Google Ad. So I decided to do it myself. In the process I realised that Google uses a formula that can be learnt by anyone". 

Tip 1 - Great Content

"Google can’t help but rank good content and searchers love to consume and share it." says Timbo Reid, marketing guru of Great content could mean blogs, podcasts, press releases, videos.

Tip 2. Driving Traffic to your Website

Social media is critical. Links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked in, whichever is appropriate for your business. Importantly, start a Google Plus Business account and keep it active. Quality websites such as or that feature click throughs to your site are looked upon favourably. 

Tip 3. Keyword Rich Content

A picture gallery may look great on your home page, but it won't necessarily drive hits. Keyword rich text will get you noticed by Google so write carefully worded text to include key phrases.

Tip 4. Constant Updates

Don't leave your website stagnant - Google loves fresh information.

Tip 5. Stay Current

Technology is constantly changing so be sure to adapt to stay ahead of the game. Free podcasts like are a gold mine of ideas to market your small business, so embrace them.

Brianna is the owner of Melbourne's which specialises in property styling and home staging.


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styled by hibernate

At styled by hibernate we are experts in boutique property styling and home staging; specifically for the Melbourne market.

Trained and based in Melbourne, we have over 15 years design experience, including expertise in property styling and development as well as the design of homewares. Importantly, we know that the Melbourne property market is a niche market. We can offer the personal touch that is required when styling your home to maximise re-sale value.
Brianna O'Neil
P: 0402 480 808


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