Thursday, June 20th, 2013

AdLatte, a reward-based mobile advertising app, launches this month in Australia with the aim of spreading the joy of free coffee and much, much more! 

AdLatte, the brainchild of AppDisco, passes on its earnings directly from advertiser to user, unlocking a source of income for savvy smartphone owners while providing a platform for advertisers to target their audience by age, gender and location.

With more than half of the population currently in possession of a smartphone, there has never been a better time for Australians to earn some spare change by engaging with ads utilizing the lock screen on their smart phone.

The two main ways they can reap rewards within the app is by watching the advertisements or referring their friends to the service.  When they watch they are invited to solve a quiz at the end of a slideshow or video, or download the app after viewing. Each interaction earns latte points according to the degree of difficulty of the task - the more complex, the higher the premium.

After sufficient credits are accumulated, users can visit the ‘Latte Store’ to redeem their rewards which range from PayPal cash deposits to an assortment of gift cards such as coffee vouchers to iTunes Gift Cards or Myki Money.

Redemption options will expand to include donations to charities, a broader selection of gift cards, and from time to time, bargain priced fire-sale style prizes.  For instance, the Latte Store features a 16GB iPad Mini retailing for $369, on sale for $99, along with limited stock of easy-to-redeem Gloria Jeans and Starbucks coffee cards from $5.

To accompany the sales in the Latte Store, friend referral bonuses of $1 can be earned by both the referrer and the referee.

AdLatte is now available for free on iOS and Android devices Australia-wide.

Visit our Facebook Page at for more information, screenshots and promotional videos demonstrating the app’s ability.


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AppDisco Australia Pty Ltd

AppDisco Australia Pty Ltd is an IT venture company based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded upon its philosophy to provide exciting and enjoyable services, AppDisco consists of young and creative employees that aim to develop a new market with an innovative application created with a unique perspective. AppDisco’s portfolio of pioneering mobile applications currently includes AdLatte and LatteScreen.

AdLatte is Asia's number one reward-based mobile advertising application with over eight million downloads in South Korea and Japan. Over the last 2 months, AdLatte has been launched in Taiwan, Spain, Vietnam, France, UK, Germany, Singapore, Thailand and Australia.

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