Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
Henrietta Child, a long time resident of the seat of Cheltenham, announced today her decision to stand as an Independent Candidate in the State Election on March 20. Ms Child plans to provide electors with a fresh, new approach to local representation.

She intends to actually listen to and represent current community concerns.

"Despite the opinions of political pundits and media commentators, I think it's important not to assume that a safe seat cannot be changed," Ms Child said.

"Democracy is supposed to be representative, but electors in the seat of Cheltenham have been taken for granted for decades," she said. "On local issues the current member is too often silent."

"The reason I've decided to stand is because I've had enough of our community being ignored."

"Because it's a safe Labor seat the residents of Cheltenham don’t receive a fair share of State resources.

"Under Labor governments we are neglected. Under Liberal governments we are ignored," she added.

"I've lived in Woodville North for 18 years. I'm a small business owner and employer, with three teenage children. I look around at the lack of facilities in the local area, our schools, our hospital, our public transport, our open spaces - all of which make up our community, and I am appalled at the way we are treated."

Ms Child said the final straw was the State Government response to the issues raised over the proposed St Clair land swap at Woodville.

"What sort of Government responds to local concerns with threats of defamation suits instead of taking time to listen to why people are so upset?"

"It is even worse that the current member has not supported the local residents," she said.

"St Clair and Cheltenham Park will not be the last fights about development in this electorate. Changes will come, and the existing residents and newcomers need representation to ensure that their views on development, open space and traffic management are not continually ignored."

Ms Child said the electorate needs strong leadership with a greater focus on local issues and the local community.

She said that as an Independent she sought to represent the interests of the people of Cheltenham first and foremost, and not the interests of the powerful, the privileged and the political "machine".

"For years the electorate has been described as being part of the 'Labor Corridor,' but that has provided little benefit to the electors, and by every measure the electorate is actually disadvantaged by its current status."

"I think it's time for a real contest in this seat, and time for the electors of Cheltenham to send a clear message to the political elite that what happens in this community is important and needs to be taken seriously."

For more information please contact Henrietta Child on 0404 840 449

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Henrietta Child

Henrietta Child is a South Australian business woman, founder and CEO of project management company KneeDeep Pty Ltd.
Henrietta Child
P: 0404 840 449
W: www.kneedeep.com.au


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