Friday, February 19th, 2010
A world-first is coming to New Zealand – a genetic test able to predict your chances of going bald before age 40.

Cricket legend Martin Crowe, Ambassador for Advanced Hair Studios, says the HairDX Genetic Test for Hair Loss will predict with more than 80% accuracy.

“For most young men looking at their balding fathers I’m certain they would want their hair today to not be gone tomorrow. With this HairDX Genetic Test, Advanced Hair Studios puts you in a powerful situation of choosing not to be a victim to your genes. By looking into your future, we can make pattern baldness a thing of the past.”

While particularly useful for those in their 20s or younger and not yet showing signs of baldness, the test will also predict the degree of hair loss in those over 40. It is also available to women who believe they have a hereditary risk of female hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia). Leading dermatologists think almost 50% of women are affected by age 60.

Crowe says the documented evidence linking low self-esteem and depression amongst men and women who have lost hair is a compelling reason enough to take the test.

“I can testify that you don’t just lose your hair, you lose a part of your identity. I was losing my hair at 23 and felt I was growing old too soon. There’s no sense going through those same feelings if you can avoid it.”

He suggests parents would probably consider the test for their children, particularly where there is a history of pattern baldness.

“Most people know there is often a hereditary link to baldness, and the test has isolated what causes this. In 95% of cases where men have gone bald before age 40 there are tiny variations in the Androgen Receptor gene. With a simple mouth swab to collect DNA – just like the crime show CSI – our lab can determine to a high degree of accuracy the chances of the subject going bald before 40. It will also tell them whether they won’t, which can be just as useful.

“With my family history, I would certainly have been very keen on this as a young man, particularly had I known that prevention makes a real difference in the long term. Besides, why wait for it to be an issue?”

Crowe says it might seem strange today to think of parents having their children tested for future hair loss, but is sure that view will change.

“Imagine being able to prevent your child having braces on their teeth for cosmetic reasons by taking a simple test and having some preventative treatment. Not only would it be cheaper, but it would be considerably less traumatic on the child. This HairDX Genetic Test offers the same benefits by preventing potential anguish and replacement treatment.”

Advanced Hair Studios is the only agent offering the test in Australasia, and it has not yet even been released to the UK.

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