Friday, June 14th, 2013
This weekend sees the beginning of the Winter auction season in Melbourne and with reductions in interest rates and unemployment, auction clearances are on the up, predominately in the inner city. “This, of course, is great news for vendors” says Brianna O’Neil, Owner and Director of Melbourne Property Styling Company Styled by Hibernate - “A buoyant market also means that by investing in presentation you may stand to cash in on even bigger returns.”

Preparing your home for sale can be stressful. But even in a hot market there are some simple tips you can follow to ensure you get the best returns on your sale this winter.

1. You Get What You Pay For
Selling a property can be a once in a lifetime event so weighing up what you are prepared to invest is crucial. Paying a little more for a supplier that will put your mind at ease and create a better result is often more beneficial in the long run than the less expensive option. Your Real Estate Agent will be your best friend throughout your campaign so be sure to choose someone you trust to ride the sales roller coaster. Chances are that if you are happy with your agent, you will feel comfortable with their preferred suppliers (tradespeople, removalists, property stylists, photographers). 

2. Start With A Blank Canvas
To make the process as seamless as possible, take care of the basics first up – cleaning, painting, removal of clutter and any furniture that will not be required during the campaign. Buyers are not interested in personal items – they want to envisage themselves in the property. If painting is required choose a bright, clean white to cover all feature walls, doors and cupboards. You'll be amazed what a fresh coat of white paint will achieve. Feature walls are a risk when selling so steer clear. If window dressings are old or unattractive, take them down. 

At this point you will want to weigh up cost versus return. For example, ripping up old carpet and replacing with polished concrete or floating boards will bring maximum reward for effort. Installing a brand new kitchen may not. If the bathroom is old and dated, you may consider having the tiles professionally sprayed and replacing fixtures and fittings to give it a new lease on life.

3. Consider Hire Furniture
Professional property stylists use hire furniture and decor for the majority of jobs but you don't necessarily need to be in the industry to do so. Selecting furniture can be daunting so it's best to keep in mind your style of architecture, size of space and colour palette. A sense of flow is crucial in the property and each room should have purpose and be inviting.

4. Bigger is Better
When selecting artwork and lighting, chances are when you move it into the property it will feel a great deal smaller than first thought. So, if in doubt, upsize. Artwork helps tie in your colour scheme and should match cushions, throws and bed linen.
5. Ambience
Lighting is crucial. Ensure that all lights, both inside and out, are turned on during the inspection regardless of time of the day. A trick of the trade is to switch to higher wattage globes. Lamps should be used in all living and bedroom areas to create ambience. Consider that if your property is vacant you may require connection of power during the campaign. Ethanol fireplaces are a great way to create the look of an open fireplace at a low price and can be purchased on websites such as eBay.

"The number one rule of property styling" says Brianna, "is that it is primarily a marketing technique – the key is to target the widest possible audience to create the most competition for your property. The only problem is that, after a property styling transformation, you may never want to leave."
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At Styled by Hibernate, we are experts in boutique property styling and home staging; specifically for the Melbourne market.

Trained and based in Melbourne, we have over 15 years design experience, including expertise in property styling and development as well as the design of homewares. Importantly, we know that the Melbourne property market is a niche market. We can offer the personal touch that is required when styling your home to maximise re-sale value.

Brianna O'Neil
P: 0402 480 808

Brianna O'Neil

P: 0402 480 808


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