Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

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Sarahi Facial Bliss is a new organic skin cleanser that promises to transform your skin in 10 minutes by combining several functions in one formulation.

Developed in Melbourne by Jacqueline Amabile, the whole Sarahi range is designed to minimise the time you spend caring for your skin. 

"Life is becoming busier," Jacqueline says. "This means we have less time to care for ourselves or care for our skin on a daily basis.  For the past seven years, I have focused on developing organic products from medicinal plants with collagen boosting and antioxidant qualities.

"Each and every product is focused on maximising the benefits of your skincare regime."

Sarahi has just released a total cleansing solution called "FACIAL BLISS" which will give you seven functions in one application.

"Facial Bliss is cleansing cream formulated with key certified organic ingredients of pumpkinseed and rice bran and argan oil and cucumber extracts," Jacqueline explains. "It gently and effortlessly removes dirt, grime and make up. It is surprisingly non-greasy and as you apply the cream you feel instanly hydrated and feel a calming sensation."

Facial Bliss exfoliates by gently lifting dead skin cells and leaves your skin instantly hydrated, refreshed and luminous. It's gentle enough to use every day, twice a day, including the eye zone.

The transformative result will be visible in 10 minutes and daily use of Sarahi Facial Bliss will help maintain your skin in the pristine and optimum condition.

There is a Facial Bliss formula to suit every skin type:

: For Oily skin - Infused with Lemon, Sandalwood and Patchouli, refreshing and calming  

: For Dry skin - Infused with  Sandalwood, Rosewood and Geranium, brings instant hydration and soothing relief   

: For Combination skin – Infused with Palmarosa, Lavender and Geranium, irresistibly herbaceous and balancing  

: For Normal skin – Infused with  Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang, pampers your skin with a luxurious sensation

:For Inflamed, Sensitive and Acne Prone skin - Infused with Chamomile, Carrot Seed and Lavender, brings a soothing, calming and healing sensation to your skin.  


FACIAL BLISS cleanses, exfoliates and regenerates your skin in one simple step. Rich in collagen protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to deliver proven transformative results for your skin, the nourishing non-greasy formula is gentle enough for any skin type. 

FACIAL BLISS is designed to invigorate collagen formation, lustre and elastin so you can reclaim youthful contours. Plus it gently removes toxins, impurities and make up, leaving you with optimum skin health and radiance. 

FACIAL BLISS is so versatile it yields transformative results when used as a hydrating mask, nourishing hand cream or facial massage cream. Take 5-10 minutes daily to perform facial a massage with Facial Bliss to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. 

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Sarahi Skin Care Pty Ltd

Sarahi is an innovative new generation skin care company based in Melbourne, Australia. Sarahi specialises in natural, organic, anti-aging skin care products. All products are proudly made in Australia.

Sarahi has been pioneering in the research and development of natural, organic anti-aging skin care products since 2006. Sarahi skin care products are freshly made in small batches with Passion, Purity and Perfection for a smoother, brighter and younger looking skin with a healthy glow.

Each product is 100% free from harmful chemical preservatives - no artificial colouring or fragrances or other toxic additives are used. 

Sarahi uses 3 key active ingredients to achieve a firmer and radiant skin:

1) Organic medicinal herbs, flowers, and plants

2) Organic bio-active and powerful anti-oxidant fruit extracts

3) Proven collagen boosters from the latest skin science.

Please visit https://www.sarahi.com.au for more information about product offerings and client feedback.   

Jacqueline Amabile
P: 0413285538
W: www.sarahi.com.au


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