Friday, June 14th, 2013

Persian refugee and film maker Nima Raoofi has created a YouTube hit with a simple message well told in his first film.

Mr Raoofi created “My Shoes” as part of his diploma studies at MAPS Film School, Hamilton College, at Mitchell Park, SA.  (You can view here:

The short film, about a boy who envies another boy's shoes, has already attracted over 900,000 views, a “home run in anyone’s language”, says MAPS course coordinator Peter Thurmer. 

"The success of this film has lifted us to another level in terms of subscriptions and views, bringing the MAPS YouTube channel to over 1 million," Mr Thurmer said.

“Forget 3D multiplex, Blue Ray, and home theatre. That’s yesterday’s news. The future of the moving image is the small screen – it’s YouTube on smartphones, with 96% watched ‘My shoes’ on a mobile phone.

“Students can now hammer out a film story in the morning; shoot it in the afternoon; and have an audience for it in the evening… worldwide.”

The MAPS Film School channel on You Tube, with 200 films uploaded, now has 2,000 subscribers. An early success was filmmaker Lisa Kenny’s short, ‘ What is Life?’ with 32,000 hits.

“Nothing takes Adelaide and its movie visionaries to the world faster than new media and new talent,” Thurmer said. “Both are thick on the ground here.”

The Media Arts Production Skills Film School course at Hamilton College, Mitchell Park, is open for registrations now.

For more information, contact Peter Thurmer or Leigh Sutton on 08 8275 8322 or

Peter on mobile 0414 769381.


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Persian refugee and film maker Nima Raoofi has created a YouTube hit with his first film



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