Friday, February 19th, 2010
NEW Perth-based joint venture LightingIQ and global group Intelsteer aim to turbo charge the energy efficiency of Australian businesses by providing lighting technology at no capital cost.

LightingIQ chief executive Dominic Da Cruz said through the alliance they were offering what was believed to be a first in Australia by providing some of the most efficient energy-saving lighting technology in the world to businesses at no capital cost – instead it shares in the calculable savings in electricity charges as a result of using Intelsteer’s INTELights.

He said lighting could account for 40 per cent of energy consumption in commercial office buildings - much of it wasted - but energy efficient lighting retrofits were expensive, especially when capital was scarce or not in the budget.

“With this problem in mind the profit sharing model made possible by our alliance provides an immediate benefit to an organisation’s profitability and environmental sustainability with no capital outlay” Mr Da Cruz said.

LightingIQ is a joint venture between Enigin Western Australia, a specialist energy efficiency services and solutions business and MACS Maintenance and Contracting, a building and refurbishment business servicing the commercial market since 1995.

It has formed an alliance with Intelsteer Group, a global company whose core business is efficiency in electrical energy headed by chief executive Patrick Khaw.

Mr Khaw said Intelsteer aimed to “bring a business model to the Australian market that will turbo-charge the historically poor adoption of energy efficiency by businesses in this country”.

He added, “The alliance between Intelsteer Group and LightingIQ will service all business, government and not-for-profit sectors across the country.

INTELights are guaranteed to cut the waste of electricity for lighting by at least 50 per cent and in the majority of instances even more.

Also, the cost savings were not only in lighting because the lights ran cooler and lasted longer than conventional lights which saved on air-conditioning and replacement costs.

LightingIQ chief operating officer Duncan Macpherson said the INTELights retrofit was not only simple but installation is also provided at no cost.

“There are vendors offering similar energy saving lights but they cannot match the savings from INTELights,” he said.

“The extraordinary efficiency and higher savings is what allows us to provide the profit sharing model to Australian businesses.”

Mr Da Cruz said energy efficiency was the quickest, cheapest and cleanest strategy to address energy challenges, but Australia lagged far behind almost every other OECD country with respect to end-use energy efficiency.

Businesses still wasted energy because of a lack of awareness among decision makers of the technology that was available and a reluctance to finance the upfront investment, according to a McKinsey Quarterly study in April 2008.

“To solve these problems and fast-track Australian businesses’ realisation of immediate financial and sustainability benefits from energy efficiency is the purpose of the new joint venture,” Mr Da Cruz said.

Energy efficiency can be instrumental to curbing energy costs in WA by delaying new generation and network infrastructure investment which accounts for the bulk of forecast energy price hikes.

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Joint Venture between Enigin Western Australia and MACS Maintenance & Contracting are providing the most efficient energy saving lights in the world at no capital cost to Australian businesses, governments and not-for-profit organisations.
Dominic Da Cruz
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Intelsteer Group

Intelsteer™ Group focuses on providing our clients with the latest technology available to reduce energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and improve plant performance while guaranteeing a return on investment.
Patrick Khaw
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