Monday, February 22nd, 2010

How to improve sites listings, how to get to position one in search and how to use social media to engage with your targeted audience will be the focus of a workshop at University of Queensland next week (24 Feb).

Over 75% of online Australian consumers use search engines to find goods, services or products; that’s around 8 million people a month! Search engines such as Google have become the world’s largest market place, offering the user thousands of potential sites to match their requirements.

"Getting to the top of that pile of results is no fluke," says search engine marketer Mark Burns, Online Manager for social/SEO press release service NewsMaker . "It’s done by creative Search Engine Marketing (SEM), where highly trained experts devise ways of allowing search engines to understand what your site offers and when you want to appear. This is big business and, as we move further into the digital age, business is booming."

Social media has exploded over the past year with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linked-in and Foursquare enabling millions of people to interact and form virtual communities.

"People are constantly referring to these social sites as a means of information sharing; to understand what to buy, where to go, what to do," Mark says.

"Like SEM, social media, whilst a good way to keep in touch with friends or like-minded people, is also a way of driving business. More and more companies are hiring social media experts to manage their accounts and drive sales, understanding that this area is fast becoming the best way to interact with current and potential customers.

"Trying to navigate these new worlds of SEM and social media can be mind-boggling. How can you help a site increase its ranking on search engines? I can use social media to chat to my friends but how can I use it for business? These are the kinds of questons we'll be trying to answer in the workshop."

What: Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Workshop

Where: University of Queensland Business Department, Lucia Campus

When:  2PM, Wednesday, 24 February, 2010 

This is your chance to understand this fast paced, exciting and creative industry providing you with the knowledge to improve your future prospects – whether it’s employment opportunities, web site development or business progression.

Seats are limited so make sure you get there early!

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