Friday, February 19th, 2010

Adelaide company, Enabled, are advising businesses to invest early in the touch technology market to get a better return of investment.

Enabled Solutions are warning their clients and agency partners that marketing through touch technology is fast becoming critical and urging them to take preemptive action.

Enabled Solutions is a creative multimedia firm with a solid record in iPhone application development (including Channel 10’s Bondi Rescue in partnership with the Project Factory, and the international hit, Newton’s Cradle) and other touch technology, including a science education program for interactive whiteboards.

Enabled’s director, Grant Hull, said, “Remember when businesses were skeptical about the web? ‘We don’t need a website,’ they said. Now everyone has a website.”

“The same thing happened with the iPhone,” Grant continued, “people thought it was just hype, and few businesses even checked to see if their website was accessible by it. Now experts are predicting that the web will be more accessed via mobiles than by desktops, and businesses have realised that mobiles are one more thing they can’t ignore.”

A wave of touch technology is currently being released: touchscreen computer monitors, televisions, mobiles, interactive whiteboards, e-readers, iPads, and even touch-enabled tables and windows. And Enabled are urging businesses to get in fast.

“Trends and experts are pointing towards the idea that before long, touch technology will be one more platform that businesses can’t afford to ignore. If you get in now, while it’s exciting and fresh, chances are you’ll receive significantly more media attention, find consumers more responsive, and gain better awareness and word of mouth. If you wait til everyone is doing it, you’re wasting significant opportunities.”

For additional information on Enabled or touch technology opportunities, please contact Grant Hull or visit You can also follow Enabled on Twitter at enabledgames


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Enabled Solutions Pty Ltd

Enabled is a multi-disciplinary creative firm specialising in strategic online deployment across a number of platforms. “We propel you into the online world of limitless potential, whilst maintaining the integrity of your existing assets. Our expansive skill-set allows us to integrate each of your marketing components across different platforms to work harmoniously - each adding value to the other.”

Enabled have been heralded as one of Australia’s brightest iPhone app success stories by Australian Macworld, with their first app reaching the 2nd top free app globally, and their second app reaching number one in the UK. With years of experience in iPhone, touch screen and interactive whiteboard application development, Enabled are experts in touch technology.
Grant Hull
P: 08 8272 6658


Investing early in touch-technology will offer much greater ROI than if you wait until it becomes industry standard. iPhone, iPad, interactive whiteboard, touchscreen, touch screen



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