Monday, June 10th, 2013

For anyone who worked in journalism or PR before the Facebook era, the changes in media have rocked us to the core.  News is delivered to devices and 'real' newspapers are a shadow of their former selves.   TV is recorded for future viewing, and the family does not congregate in front of the 6PM news bulletin.

We no longer depend on media outlets to filter what we should or should not be reading – that notion has gone the way of the pet rock.   Our influencers are now everyday people who snack on TV, radio, print and online sources and feed them into their social networks.

For PR and marketing communicators, this massive change in news consumption means someone, somewhere is moving the goalposts every moment of every day.

In this fast-paced and anarchic environment, how do you make sure you succeed in building influential brands?

You adapt to the change – to your client’s needs, to the medium and to the reader.   It's now easy to set up  your own brand channel in minutes, allowing you to manage and promote your own media hub or online newsroom. The best newsroom services include a media contacts database. They incorporate widgets, social media and RSS feeds so you can tell your story quickly and effectively to relevant audiences.

To save you time and energy, you need to develop two-way channels to and from every important content delivery point available.  Use systems that allow you to:

  • Deliver story ideas and research to journalists – and provide different channels so they can respond directly to you.
  • Deliver your story to your social networks – and make it easy for your followers to share your news, pictures and video.
  • Create dynamic sources in Wire Services, News Aggregation websites, Newspapers (online and offline), Magazines, TV, Radio…

All this news content from a wide variety of sources powers up your Search Engine presence – so when people seek, they find you and your brands.

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