Monday, June 10th, 2013

Intelligent Software Development's (ISD) world leading simulation analytics technology, Simulait Online, has been used to produce forecasts to support Western Water's water pricing review in Victoria, Australia. Analogous to the popular SimCity computer game, Simulait Online is capable of accurately simulating and predicting the (human) behavior of complete populations of consumers to support business strategy and Government policy.

In a world increasingly driven by Big Data, ISD's cloud-based Simulait Online system delivers a specialised and practical tool in the emerging area of simulation-based consumer analytics. ISD has arguably the world's most comprehensive water demand model, which has been successfully applied internationally to support a range of applications, such as water conservation, capital and corporate planning, demand management, risk management, and behavior change.

Simulait Online has also been successfully applied to a range of other consumer domains including energy, retail, transport and emergency response. Simulait Online's new cutting edge approach has greater power and predictive capability than the traditional and commonly used statistical methods, providing ISD's clients with greater insight into what their customers are doing and how to influence their behavior.

For more details, call Dr. Don Perugini at ISD on 08 8343 8455, email [email protected], or view the website at

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Intelligent Software Development (ISD)

ISD provides simulation-based consumer analytics solutions that allow you to better understand, predict and influence human decision making of large groups or populations.

Underpinned by our award winning micro-simulation platform SimulAIt, our forecasting and decision support solutions enable you to model, test "what-if" scenarios, and accurately predict social behavior for both mass-consumer and internal organizational environments.
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