Thursday, February 18th, 2010
The Canon EOS 7D is set to be a game-changer in many ways, and among the first to realise this is Australian based, British born filmmaker Jonty Reason.

Jonty's latest feature film "City of the Damned" is currently in production and will be completed by mid 2010 is a psychological horror/thriller story about the struggle between good and evil and how we deal with that turmoil in our everyday lives. It was shot at the new Peninsula Film Studios in Seaford, Victoria and on location throughout the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas.

'We are thrilled to be nearing completion of this project', Jonty said recently in an interview for a major newspaper, 'it has been tremendously exciting and exhilarating to see this film through from inception to production. We are hoping to garner interest from The Sundance Film Festival for next year, and have already declined a couple of offers of DVD distribution because we believe this film should be seen in cinemas around the world. Already we are fielding requests from major festivals around the world, and it is great that City Of The Damned seems to be gathering so much interest from all quarters.

We shot the film on a Canon EOS7D (well actually on two of them) because it gave us the best balance between superb quality of image and portability and the ability to take a movie camera to places where normally it would have been too bulky. I have shot stuff on the Red camera, and that is a great camera, but after the 7D, no indie filmmaker will ever use anything else. Its just amazing what is achievable with this thing!'

"City of the Damned" will be available from later this year, for more details please see

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