Friday, June 7th, 2013
“Many people overlook the power of presentation when trying to sell their property” says Brianna O’Neil, owner and Director of Melbourne’s styled by hibernate. “and miss out on potentially large profits accordingly.”

Property styling and home staging has been a proven method of selling property in the USA for many years, however the industry is only now taking off in Australia. “Basic renovations – even painting and flooring can equate to faster sales and big profits for vendors in all markets” says Brianna “and when combined with professional property styling, the return can be even greater.”

Most real estate agents project a three-fold return on dollar spend when styling homes. But Brianna says it is not uncommon to see profits in excess of this. “An agent recently estimated that a $3000 investment on a Brunswick flat could have added upwards of $25 000 to the sale value – and this was based on the living area alone. It’s a very exciting field to be in when you see this kind of return.”

Based in Brunswick, styled by hibernate specifically taps into the inner city, Melbourne market. “Being based in such a wonderfully creative city like Melbourne is a fabulous asset” says Brianna. “Whether you are catering for a person who is design savvy or someone who may not be particular artistic or handy, they really appreciate what styling can bring to their sales campaign, especially when it translates to profit”.

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styled by hibernate

At styled by hibernate, we are experts in boutique property styling and home staging; specifically for the Melbourne market.

Trained and based in Melbourne, we have over 15 years design experience, including expertise in property styling and development as well as the design of homewares. Importantly, we know that the Melbourne property market is a niche market. We can offer the personal touch that is required when styling your home to maximise re-sale value.
Brianna O'Neil
P: 0402 480 808

Brianna O'Neil

P: 0402 480 808


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