Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

What? How much did you make? What did you do with it all?

It’s that time of year most people dread. We are all forced to take a closer look at our finances. No matter how much you earn, your personal money demons can make you feel like you’re in a constant battle for survival.

“Understanding your own unconscious money patterns is the first step in setting you free from the End of Financial Year Blues” Says Andrea Putting, Financial Empowerment Coach. “So many women feel disempowered around money, however, when they embrace their own story and come into alignment with their own Sacred Money Contract they become empowered beyond just the realm of money.”

Self-sabotaging money habits can undermine a women’s potential to being successful. If she is blaming someone else for her financial predicament, or not allowing herself to invest in her future, or spending because “I deserve it” or letting someone else take control of all the finances, she is going to find it difficult to really move forward in her own life and be the success she believes she can be.   When a woman takes control of her financial affairs she is saying yes to herself and being the empowered goddess she is meant to be.

In Andrea’s program “Mystic Money Revolution. Financial Empowerment for the Goddess Who Plays to Win.” women find that when clearing the blocks and fears they have around money that other areas of their lives are freed up as well. For some they are able to stand in their own power and speak their truth for the first time in their lives.

To find out more about how working with your money patterns empowers you for a happier and more successful life call Andrea on 0418 543 727


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Andrea Putting - Mystic Business Goddess

Andrea Putting is a Business and Financial Empowerment coach specialling is empowering Spiritual Women to create Authentic Businesses that Nourish their Souls and transform lives.

In seeking why and how women are blocking themselves from creating the lives and success that they dream of, Andrea went in search of answers. Finding that how we do money is how we do everything was the secret. Discovering a beautiful transformational program, Sacred Money Archetypes, Andrea has been able to integrate this work into her own to create Mystic Money Revolution. Financial Empowerment for the Goddess Who Plays to Win.

Your assessment has already empowered me and enabled me to develop a better relationship with this very much essential resource- I am excited and can’t recommend your program highly enough. I will be recommending all my clients consider this as I awaken passion & purpose- as a Stylist & Life design Coach- Kellie Anne King

The Sacred Money Archetypes actually explained why I do what I do in relation to money. The biggest revelation came when Andrea explained my results alongside what I do within my business and especially the people I serve. Thank you Andrea, what a wonderful tool this is for women to understand and connect with money on a comfortable level. I highly recommend this  ladies, your eyes will be opened.
- Carol Johnston ( Empowerment/Self Esteem Life Coach)

Andrea Putting
P: 0418543727
W: www.andreaputting.com.au


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