Friday, June 7th, 2013
Ever heard the one about the pink Mini Minor on the roof? And wasn’t there a string of nappies lined up next to it? Well it all began with a man named T-Bone, a keg, a practical joke involving a car, in a bar, and a bunch of mischievous tradesman. Urban legends are what Australia does best, and the best urban legends are grown out of the dust, from the labours and mischief of the resourceful pioneers of remote Australia. And from the hard work and sweat of the people who grew communities out of that self same red dust.

Australia’s youngest town, Roxby Downs, is twenty five years young this year. And the town is embarking on its first cultural heritage project. Along with piecing together the whole story behind T-Bone’s Revenge, the Roxby Downs Community is gathering oral histories from the indigenous people of the place that is Roxby Downs, the pastoralists, the pioneers and the people who make up the Roxby Downs Community. The group will also be creating an exhibition of artefacts and memorabilia from Roxby Downs’ history.

Being a mining town, Roxby is a transient one, with people coming and going frequently through the years. They are calling for Roxby Downs expats from across Australia and abroad to get involved in the project by sending photos and memorabilia, and/or their Roxby Stories in to the be a part of the project.

Contact the Roxby Downs Library on 0458150898 or email [email protected] or visit to join the conversation.

The town will be also celebrating the 25 year founding of Roxby Downs township with a mainstreet celebration event in late October 2013. They’re inviting all Roxby Downs expats to come on back and celebrate with the Roxby Downs Community, past, present and future.

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Roxby Downs Stories Project

The Roxby Downs Stories Project is a cultural heritage project of the Roxby Downs Community Board, a not for profit community organisation of the community o Roxby Downs, South Australia.
Cindy Pillay (Committee Chair)
P: 0447 012 625


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