Thursday, February 18th, 2010
The Technology Industry Association (TIA) President, Peter Charlesworth, and South Australian Premier Mike Rann have signed a landmark sector agreement aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the electronics and ICT industry. The agreement was signed on the second day of the CleverGreen Conference & Showcase at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The agreement has paved the way for the TIA to help technology companies decrease the amount of electronic devices that end up in land-fill, reduce technology industry energy consumption, increase renewable energy and develop new products that assist customers in reducing their greenhouse footprint.

South Australia is leading the country in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and this latest initiative will show the way forward for other states.

TIA President Peter Charlesworth said that the South Australian electronics and ICT sector is a fast growing export focused, design, IT and manufacturing industry with an estimated total revenue in excess of $7.5 billion per annum and employs more than 30,000 people in this State.

"Consequently, reducing its carbon footprint will have a lasting impact," Mr Charlesworth said.

“The Government has entered into this agreement in order to achieve the State targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% of 1990 levels by 2050 and to increase the proportion of renewable electricity generated and consumed.

“Sustainable businesses seek to lower costs and improve profits by continually increasing efficiency and reducing waste. The strong link between this and its positive effect on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a key focus of this agreement.”

Specifically, the Business Sustainability Alliance within State Government will provide resources to five electronic businesses as a trial to demonstrate the commercial benefit in energy and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and it will:
• provide eco-efficiency training modules and information materials
• assist with resource (energy, water and waste) audits
• provide tailored in-house support and mentoring
• provide networking opportunities
• provide strategic planning support
• assist with monitoring and data collection
• assist in implementing life cycle assessment

TIA CEO Steve Adcock said that the association has agreed that the initial focus will be on:
• product and process innovation
• industry education
• greenhouse gas emissions reporting and
• demonstration projects

“The TIA will recommend a program and template for member organisations to adopt energy and greenhouse gas reporting," Mr Adcock said. "We will also work closely with the State Government to inform members about greenhouse gas emissions.

“The TIA is ideally poised to lead its busines sector with the adoption of efficient and sustainable business practices and tools including the realisation of market opportunities for new products and services that address emissions reduction and climate change adaptation.”

A steering committee will be formed consisting of TIA’s existing Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) and key government representatives. ESAC consists of eight South Australian technology companies; Sage, Innodev, ThinkClimate, Soniclean, 3C Consulting, Datanet, Aspitech & Podmo Mobile. Two ESAC members, Soniclean and Aspitech, also joined forces with the Association and took part in the CleverGreen event as exhibitors.

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