Thursday, February 18th, 2010
The future of moving furniture has arrived with the release of WebMoves – “where removalists bid for your business”. With the WebMoves system, users post details for their upcoming move and member removalists compete against each other to secure their business.

Traditionally, moving has been seen as an expensive, stressful exercise. Contacting numerous companies from the telephone directory, trying to find a reasonable deal can be a labourious and time consuming undertaking and, ultimately, people are often under whelmed by the final service they receive. A severe lack of accountability within the furniture removal industry has only served to increase the problem.

WebMoves has turned the removal world on its head by providing a platform for the public to connect with multiple furniture removalists all in one place - all in direct competition with each other. The end result is more competitive pricing for the public and a convenient source of business for furniture removalists.

In terms of accountability for removalists, WebMoves has sought to solve the problem by incorporating a rating system where previous users are invited to rate the performance of their removalist on several key criteria. The aim of the rating system is two-fold: to empower future users with knowledge of a bidding removalists past performance, and to encourage member removalists to perform to expectation. In addition to the rating system, each member removalist has their own profile page, where the public can read about bidding removalists before accepting a bid.

In contrast to traditional auction systems, price is not the only factor in determining which removalist wins. Users of the WebMoves system are allowed to choose which bid they accept. In this way users can factor the bidding removalists ratings into their decision, in addition to the price offered.

The WebMoves system has been designed to cater for furniture removals of all sizes – from a single item purchased at auction or on-line, to an entire house.

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