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Operating Netback(1) increases $6.1 million or 86%; Increase in net revenue by 58%; Net income of $4.3 million; $37.1 million of cash and investments

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - May 31, 2013) - Americas Petrogas Inc. ("Americas Petrogas" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE: BOE) announces the Company continued to execute on its investment plan on its oil and gas properties in Argentina.

Summary Financial and Operational Highlights

Selected financial and operational information is outlined below and should be read in conjunction with the Company's condensed interim consolidated financial statements and the related Management's Discussion and Analysis ("MD&A") for the quarter, which have been filed on SEDAR under the Company's profile at and are also available on the Company's website at All amounts are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.


--  Net income: $4,338,091 (attributable to owners of the Company) in the

    first quarter of 2013 compared to a net loss of $3,812,288 for the

    equivalent period of 2012.


--  Net revenue: increased by $5,263,241 or 58% compared to first quarter of



--  Oil sales volume: during the first quarter of 2013, the Company

    continued to produce and sell oil primarily from its Medanito Sur

    conventional block. During the first quarter of 2013, sales volume

    averaged approximately 2,400 bopd (net), an increase of 41% over the

    first quarter of 2012 of approximately 1,700 bopd (net).


--  Operating netback: $13,166,815 ($60.88 per barrel) during the first

    quarter of 2013 representing an increase of 86% or $6,084,657 over the

    same period of 2012.


--  Oil Plus benefits: in the first quarter of 2013, the Company recognized

    approximately $3.4 million of Oil Plus benefits. This is in addition to

    $1.3 million recognized in the fourth quarter of 2012, which has already

    been received in 2013.


--  Cash position: $37.1 million of consolidated cash, cash equivalents and

    short-term investments as of March 31, 2013.


                                                Three months ended March 31

                                                       2013            2012



Gross oil sales revenue                     $    16,449,646 $    11,627,807

Operating netback(1)                        $    13,166,815 $     7,082,158


Net income (loss) attributable to                                          

owners of the Company                       $     4,338,091 $    (3,812,288)


Funds flow from operations(2)               $     9,874,030 $     4,789,281

  Per share - basic and diluted             $          0.05 $          0.02


Weighted average number of common                                          

shares outstanding(3)                                                      

  Basic                                         212,760,484     194,527,273

  Diluted                                       216,952,633     205,356,603


Cash flow from (used in) operating                                         

 activities                                 $     5,465,257 $    (2,228,282)


Capital expenditures                        $    27,296,150 $    21,682,804


Average barrels sold per day                          2,403           1,697


Average selling price per barrel            $         76.06 $         75.29


Operating netback per barrel(1)             $         60.88 $         45.86


                                                               December 31,

                                             March 31, 2013            2012




Working capital(4)                          $    30,342,938 $    51,974,194


Equity outstanding(5)                                                      

  Common shares                                 212,763,190     212,728,283

  Stock options                                  11,786,843      11,821,750




(1)   "Operating netback" is a non-GAAP measure and is calculated as       

      revenues from oil sales less royalties and production costs. Operating

      netback is used as an indicator of operating performance,            

      profitability and liquidity. Operating netback does not have a       

      standardized meaning prescribed by IFRS. It is unlikely for non-GAAP 

      measures to be comparable to similar measures presented by other     

      companies. For the three months ended March 31, 2013, operating      

      netback was $13,166,815 (calculated as gross oil sales revenue of    

      $16,449,646 less royalties of $2,102,781 and production costs of     

      $1,180,050). For the three months ended March 31, 2012, operating    

      netback was $7,082,158 (calculated as gross oil sales revenue of     

      $11,627,807 less royalties of $2,544,183 and production costs of     


(2)   "Funds flow from operations" is an additional GAAP measure because it

      is presented in the consolidated statement of cash flows. Funds flow 

      from operations and funds flow from operations per share are used to 

      analyze operating performance and liquidity. Funds flow from         

      operations is calculated as net cash generated from (used by)        

      operating activities (as determined in accordance with IFRS) before  

      changes in non-cash balance sheet operating items. Funds flow from   

      operations per share is calculated by dividing funds flow from       

      operations by the weighted average number of shares outstanding. Funds

      flow from operations should not be considered an alternative to, or  

      more meaningful than net cash generated from (used by) operating     

      activities as determined in accordance with IFRS. Funds flow from    

      operations per share should not be considered an alternative to, or  

      more meaningful than earnings (loss) per share as determined in      

      accordance with IFRS.                                                

(3)   Diluted weighted average number of common shares outstanding is      

      computed by adjusting basic weighted average number of common shares 

      outstanding for dilutive instruments. The number of shares included  

      with respect to options, warrants and similar instruments is computed

      using the treasury stock method, which assumes any proceeds received 

      by the Company upon exercise of the in-the-money instruments would be

      used to repurchase common shares at the average market price for the 

      period. For the three months ended March 31, 2013, 4,192,149 (March  

      31, 2012 - 10,829,330) common shares were deemed to be issued for no 

      consideration in respect of options.                                 

(4)   Working capital is a non-GAAP measure and is calculated as current   

      assets less current liabilities. Working capital is used to assess   

      liquidity and general financial strength. Working capital does not   

      have a standardized meaning prescribed by IFRS. It is unlikely for   

      non-GAAP measures to be comparable to similar measures presented by  

      other companies. Working capital should not be considered an         

      alternative to, or more meaningful than current assets or current    

      liabilities as determined in accordance with IFRS.                   

(5)   As of the current date, 212,779,440 common shares and 18,135,593 stock

      options are outstanding.                                             


First Quarter Highlights and Recent Developments


--  Eleven conventional wells were drilled during the first quarter of 2013,

    some of which are currently on production and some of which are being

    tied in for production. Recent drilling on Medanito Sur has resulted in

    the discovery of new production areas, including El Alpataco, El Calden

    Este and Amilcar. 


--  In March 2013, a workover was completed on the LHo.x-1 well on the

    Totoral block, individually testing each of the three fractured

    intervals. This testing determined that all of the fracture stages are

    vertically connected and confirmed the large extension of the fractures

    from the hydraulic stimulation in the well. The detailed analysis

    completed on all of the static information available, logs, conventional

    and sidewall cores, shows no evidence that there could be free water in

    the Vaca Muerta formation. Therefore, management is of the opinion that

    the water comes from the underlying Quebrada del Sapo and/or Lotena

    formations. Plans are being made to put the well on production, with

    Early Production Facilities, beginning in the third quarter for a test

    period of at least six (6) months. As well, Americas Petrogas is

    considering the drilling of one or two Vaca Muerta vertical appraisal

    wells in order to optimize the evaluation of the formation.

    Additionally, consideration is being given to horizontal drainage of the

    Vaca Muerta formation, as this area may be technically and economically

    ideal for a horizontal drilling development.


--  Ryder Scott Company has been engaged to prepare a resources report on

    the Company's unconventional properties. The report is expected to be

    completed by early third quarter of 2013.


--  In respect of the Bayovar concession in Peru, the Company completed a

    brine mineral resource estimate relating to Potassium Chloride (KCl,

    potash) in accordance with National Instrument 43-101.


--  In April 2013, the Company began the process of exercising the option to

    acquire an interest in the Bayovar concession. The exercising of the

    option is subject to government approval of the required documents for

    exercising the option. 


"We are pleased with our results this quarter, generating $13.2 million of operating netback at $60.88 per barrel, including Oil Plus benefits, and $4.3 million of net income," said Barclay Hambrook, President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Hambrook went on to say, "Our new discoveries on Medanito Sur during first quarter are expected to increase our production in forthcoming months."

For further information regarding the Company's financial results, financial position and related changes, please see the consolidated financial statements and the related MD&A.

About Americas Petrogas Inc.

Americas Petrogas Inc. is a Canadian company whose shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "BOE". Americas Petrogas has conventional and unconventional shale oil and gas and tight sands oil and gas interests in numerous blocks in the Neuquen Basin of Argentina. Americas Petrogas has joint venture partners, including ExxonMobil and Apache, on various blocks in the shale oil and gas corridor in the Neuquen Basin, Argentina. Americas Petrogas also owns an 80% interest in GrowMax Agri Corp., a private company involved in the exploration for near-surface potash, phosphates and other minerals, and potential development of a fertilizer project in Peru. Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative Limited (IFFCO) owns a 20% interest in GrowMax Agri Corp. For more information about Americas Petrogas Inc., please visit

This Press Release contains forward-looking information including, but not limited to, the Company's goals and growth, estimates of reserves, production and cash flows, new production areas on the Medanito Sur block, production at the LHo.x-1 well on the Totoral block, consideration of drilling additional wells on Totoral block, the timing and completion of a resources report on the Company's unconventional properties, exercising and pending approval of the option to acquire an interest in the Bayovar concession, exploration, appraisal and development activities related to conventional and unconventional oil and gas, and other exploration, development and production activities in respect of the projects in Argentina and Peru. There can be no assurance that the Company will successfully exercise the option to acquire an interest in the Bayovar concession. Additional forward-looking information is contained in the Company's MD&A for this quarter and the Company's Annual MD&A for December 31, 2012, and reference should be made to the additional disclosures of the assumptions, risks and uncertainties relating to such forward-looking information in those MD&A documents.

Forward-looking information is based on management's expectations regarding the Company's future growth, results of operations, production, future capital and other expenditures (including the amount, nature and sources of funding thereof), competitive advantages, plans for and results of drilling activity (including the timing, location, depth and the number of wells), environmental matters, business prospects and opportunities and expectations with respect to general economic conditions. Such forward-looking information reflects management's current beliefs and assumptions and is based on information, including reserves information, currently available to management. Forward-looking information involves significant known and unknown risks and uncertainties. A number of factors could cause actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking information, including but not limited to, risks associated with the oil and gas industry (e.g. operational risks in development, exploration and production, delays or changes to plans with respect to exploration or development projects or capital expenditures; the uncertainty of reserve estimates; the uncertainty of geological interpretations; the uncertainty of estimates and projections in relation to production, costs and expenses and health, safety and environment risks), the risk of commodity price and foreign exchange rate fluctuations, the uncertainty associated with negotiating with foreign governments and third parties located in foreign jurisdictions and the risk associated with international activity.

Although the forward-looking information contained herein is based upon assumptions which management believes to be reasonable, the Company cannot assure investors that actual results will be consistent with this forward-looking information. This forward-looking information is made as of the date hereof and the Company assumes no obligation to update or revise this information to reflect new events or circumstances, except as required by law. Because of the risks, uncertainties and assumptions inherent in forward-looking information, prospective investors in the Company's securities should not place undue reliance on this forward-looking information.


Contact Profile

Barclay Hambrook, P. Eng., MBA President and CEO

P: (403) 685-1888


Operating Netback(1) increases $6.1 million or 86%; Increase in net revenue by 58%; Net income of $4.3 million; $37.1 million of cash and investments



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