Friday, September 21st, 2007

Things have come a long way since the old backyard brick barbecue and Australian expectations of outdoor living and entertaining may never be the same again, says Michael Bridge of Outdoor Kitchen Solutions.
Anyone who has witnessed the increased popularity of outdoor living and entertainment improvements over the last few years, may not be surprised at this years must have home improvement - the integrated outdoor kitchen.
"What fondue is to the Swiss, and Sunday roasts to the English - barbeques and backyards are to Australian culture," says Michael Bridge of Outdoor Kitchen Solutions, Australia's first company to create outdoor kitchens.
Culture being an evolutionary thing, we've witnessed traditional barbecue designs evolve over the last decade from the traditional split 10 gallon drums and 2 burner grills and hot plate, to fully functional cooking systems built into an outdoor kitchen.
These developments have been driven by our increased expectations in outdoor entertaining. Quite simply, people with a large extended family or circle of friends, now find entertaining and catering outdoors more socially stimulating and convenient than inside the home.
We now want to be able to cook, eat and drink in comfort in our courtyards and backyards. This means you need space to fit your barbecue, table and chairs, and room for benches and cupboards.
If you're looking for something more stylish, upmarket and enduring than the traditional brick barbeque, Amanda Bridge suggests the sky's the limit.
Integrated outdoor kitchen designs include bench spaces, taps, sinks and fridge space. Customised to your needs, they can also include a range of accessories such as cook tops, wok burners, wood-fired ovens, dishwashers, built-in storage cupboards, range hoods, and ....even beer taps.
"Built to celebrate the Australian lifestyle, top end modern barbeque designs now have multi-functional features such as stainless steel grills high output burners, and accessories like side burners, rotisseries, and roasting hoods," says Amanda Bridge of Outdoor Kitchen Solutions.
And because we're increasingly able to entertain outdoors for most of the year - with outdoor entertainment areas roofed to offer shelter from the elements - barbecue range hoods are becoming an important part of the outdoor kitchen to provide extraction for barbecue smoke and grease.
Amanda Bridge of Outdoor Kitchen Solutions says, "we've found more and more people are taking outdoor entertaining to the next level and building outdoor kitchens."

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Aussie's are taking outdoor entertaining to the next level


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