Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
Voices are being raised around the world for real legal reform in Pakistan that will protect, rather than punish, Pakistan's religious minorities. Join the Australian Association of Pakistani Christians midday this Thursday 30 May 2013 on the steps of Victoria's Parliament where they will be making their plea for justice for victims of terror.

Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy law is on the agenda at tomorrow’s peaceful protest for survivors of terror, organized by the Australian Association of Pakistani Christians. As one of their guest speakers, Senate candidate Vickie Janson will be giving voice to their plea for minorities who continually fall foul to this lethal legal weapon.

Janson says ‘the cry for justice is being heard through out the world with similar protests in the UK’. Whole communities are subjected to collective and severe punishment, the Joseph Colony rampage being just one case in point.

This peaceful protest is on behalf of those who live in constant fear of this legislation being used against them for perceived ‘insult’ where intention is not a defence. Author Nadeem Ahmad Saddiq referred to the restrictions on the Ahmadis, one of Pakistan’s religious minorities as ‘ restrictions that make their daily life a penal offense’. *

Dr Qanta Ahmed says the blasphemy law has ‘fueled extraordinary sectariansism inspired by unopposed lawfare on its own citizens…without incurring significant domestic or any international opposition’.

Thursday’s protest does constitute international opposition.

Where: The steps of Victoria's Parliament

When: Thursday 30 May 2013, 12:00 - 2:30 pm.

The Australian Association of Pakistani Christians Inc supported by Australian Christians invites a show of solidarity from all who care to see a stop to this persecution and support Australia as a place of refuge for these traumatized minorities.

For information regarding this protest contact:

Dr Babar Peters, President, Australian Association of Pakistani Christians Inc

0425 724 626

*Nadeem Ahmad Saddiq, “Enforced Apostasy: Zaheeruddin v. State and the Official persecution of the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan,” Law and Equity 14(1995).

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