Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

The WOW Manifesto, written by John Dwyer, produced by KainosPrint  and printed by Pure Colours Digital Imaging, was awarded with the gold medal in the category of ‘Small Printing Business with Less than 15 Staff’ at the 30th National Print Awards. The awards ceremony was held at the Palladium Ballroom in the prestigious Crown Entertainment complex, and gathers the finest print royalties in Australia.

The magnificent artistry of designer Gregg Carson and the sophisticated finishing of the book were the main factors behind its triumph over the tough competition at the annual awards of the Australian print and graphic communications industry, which was also held on the penultimate day of the industry’s four-yearly extravaganza, PacPrint13, held over five days last week in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

The National Print Awards are held every year to recognise and celebrate the “Midas Touch” of works created and produced by the finest ‘craftsmen’ of the print industry. With over 30 competition categories, The WOW Manifesto was one of the most interesting and distinctive submissions of 2013. Winning the ‘Small Printing Business with Less than 15 Staff’ category is a magnificent feat as the award recognises the overall standard of excellence and effort required to produce such a fine printed piece.

Andrew Hingeley of KainosPrint said, “There are more printers in the ‘Small Printing Business with Less than 15 Staff’ category than any other. The other finalists in our category were on display at PacPrint, and they were very good, so we were quite nervous. Thus, to win is a major achievement and a triumph for the innovative approach we took, our attention to detail, and our commitment to meeting our customer’s tight deadline. It goes without saying that the same qualities we brought to bear on this book are part of our DNA, and available to all our customers.”

It was a tremendously glorious and honourable achievement for everyone involved in the production of the book. The key parties associated with the production of the Gold Medal winner; John Dwyer, Greg Carson, Pure Colours Digital Imaging and KainosPrint, planned and worked closely on every single detail of the book to come up with one of the best works the industry has seen in recent years.

The technique and skill applied in the production of the book cover resulted in a finished product that is unique in texture and appearance, which gives it an aesthetic appeal that entices and enchants anyone who lays eyes on it. The cover was offset printed even though only 50 copies of the book were printed (limited amounts of print would usually be digitally printed to save costs), to give it an authentic high quality finish and perfect registration.

To make the book cover even more exclusive, it was layered with two coats of silk touch matte celloglaze for a soft touch feel, embellished with spot gloss and high relief Ultra-Violet varnish to simulate leather, outfitted with brass corners on the back and front cover, and key elements of the cover were strategically embossed.

Overall, the book has a luxurious feel about it, and can only be crafted and produced by the very best craftspeople in book printing. The book was further enhanced by the use of specially sourced parchment end papers and traditional head and tail bands. In addition, the book was hand case bound to ensure that it has the distinguished quality and appeal of a classic book.

John Wanless, chairman of the National Print Awards, said, “Every year, print service providers from around the country ‘shoot for the stars’ – not for awards or recognition, but in order to deliver the best products and printing service to their customers. The National Print Awards was formed in 1984 to recognise and encourage the achievement of excellence in print and, while the industry has changed markedly since then, the qualities required to achieve excellence – creativity, commitment and dedication – remain constant. It is these things we recognise at the National Print Awards Presentation.”

More information on the National Print Awards 2013 and a full list of winners can be viewed at www.nationalprintawards.com.au. Alternatively, for more information on top quality, professional book printing and production, please visit www.kainosprint.com.au

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