Friday, May 24th, 2013
How does a business make the best decisions possible, consistent with its strategy and goals, continually? How does it actively prepare for future opportunities and vulnerabilities? How does it synchronise the organisation to one game plan that delivers a competitive advantage?

Business Integration is the substance that can bond an organisation to effectively deploy and manage its business plans in a changing and turbulent environment.

In today's business environments, with interconnected processes, aggressive competitive activity, and complicated value chains, business outcomes and decisions are more frequently becoming disassociated from cause and effect.

 Mikael Hatzis and Rod Hozack are specialist educators and business coaches in the discipline of Business Integration, having spent over 25 years working in industry and consulting to some of the world's best organisations including; Diageo Asia and Americas, Abbott International, J&J, SC Johnson, Caterpillar, and Golden Circle and Minova. This experience has culminated in the recent publication of their Kindle book, The Art of Business Integration, available via 

 Hozack and Hatzis note the difference between Business Integration and the commonly used term, S&OP, “We dislike the term S&OP and where possible don’t use it to describe the process, because we believe, by its very description it limits the possibilities of this vital business process. We argue it is more apt to refer to it as a ‘Business Integration Platform’, which reflects the fact that this is a powerful framework which allows an organisation to operationalise strategy.”

The Art of Business Integration sets out and defines the case for Business Integration to be used as a fundamental business discipline in all businesses. Armed with this knowledge, a business can focus on excellence, deliver strategy, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Business Integration is a high-performance platform that delivers significant in-market performance improvements, high levels of organisational efficiency, and core-plan integration. The result is the ability to better deliver strategic and business plan objectives.

Business Integration outcomes include:

·       High performance demand management with agile and responsive marketing/sales planning

·       More efficient supply chains & resource/inventory management to support the demand plan

·       Consistent high levels of customer service at less cost

·       Alignment of multiple functional perspectives of operating plans and numbers

·       A few simple but critical KPIs driving behaviour

·       A foundation for future sustainable competitiveness and improvement

Without this key business mechanism, businesses find it difficult to have one compelling, agreed-to, forward?-ooking plan that is active and synchronised to the market place and business objectives. Business Integration is an important best-practice benchmark that integrates the entire organiation into a seamless horizontal and vertical decision-making machine.

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