Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Mobile users to save on time, space and data with AVG Image Shrinker and AVG Cleaner 

AVG Technologies N.V. (NYSE: AVG), the provider of Internet and mobile security, privacy and optimization to 150 million active users, has today announced two brand new applications in its mobile portfolio. AVG Cleaner and AVG Image Shrinker are now available for free for Android™ smartphones and tablets. AVG Cleaner

Designed to enhance Android™ smartphone and tablet performance, AVG Cleaner allows users to monitor storage availability on their device and clean cache and unnecessary browser history files to free up memory and make more space. The application includes tools to automatically monitor device memory and storage, remove files, and schedule regular clean ups to keep the device running smoothly.

AVG Image Shrinker

Developed to help users save on data use and share their images more easily, AVG Image Shrinker is a free application which reduces image sizes and enables direct uploads to photo sharing sites, MMS or email directly from the application. Images can be uploaded straight to Facebook®, Pinterest™, Instagram™, Picasa™ and many other popular social network sites. By reducing the size of photos and images, users not only save on mobile data usage and the resulting costs, but also the time it takes to send or upload their photos.

“Nowadays we rely upon smartphones and tablets more than ever before, cramming our devices full to the brim with everything we need to maintain our busy digital lives. What people might not realise however is that all of the files related to apps, pictures, calls, texts, and Internet usage can take up excess space and consume large amounts of mobile data,” said Michael McKinnon, Security Advisor at AVG Technologies AU.

“Just as you would clear out your wardrobe to make space for new clothes or clean your PC disk from junk files, freeing up valuable memory on your smartphone by deleting redundant files is important to keep your device running smoothly and give you the freedom to use it as you wish – whether that means adding the apps you really want or taking and sharing a barrage of holiday snaps. Hassle-free performance products such as AVG Cleaner and AVG Image Shrinker enable users to easily and efficiently get the most out of the devices they rely upon every day.”

Today’s announcement follows the company’s recent release of AVG TuneUp ™, which was made available for free for Android smartphones and tablets in April 2013. Built to help users get improved performance from their devices, the application combines several performance tools including a task killer, battery saver and storage space manager, and also allows users to monitor their data usage.

For more information about either AVG Cleaner or AVG Image Shrinker and to download both applications directly please visit:

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