Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Hy-Profile Promotional Services have recently written and released a free uniform buyers guide to help local businesses get the right uniforms for their staff ...

June Richards founder of Hy-Profile says "It's hard to find a uniform that will compliment everyone, that will last, and that are comfortable to wear ... That's why we've developed this uniform buyers guide to help anyone wanting to find the right uniform that makes the right statement."

Hy-Profile has been supplying uniforms on the Gold Coast for 15 years. They supply uniforms for businesses, conferences, sporting teams and clubs. They offer a large range and help their clients through the whole process right from the planning to delivering the uniforms to you.

June Richards tells us "There is so much to consider to make sure you get the right uniforms for you and your situation. Get it wrong and you could end up with uniforms that don't look good, don't last, aren't comfortable to wear and employees that complain about wearing them. The ‘Uniform buyers guide' uses our 15 years of experience and skills to help customers find exactly what they want."

Recent client Toby Hollington said "I thought I knew what look would be good for my business ... But after reading the guide and speaking to June I realised that I was way off course! This invaluable advice saved me from making a terrible choice. They came to me and assessed my business and designed a uniform that is comfortable, durable, and makes the right statement! Hy-Profile couldn't have made it easier for me and did it all at a great price!"

Go to to get your free copy of Hy-Profiles ‘Uniform buyers guide ...' to learn the ‘5 things you must consider when purchasing new uniforms ...'

Also as an extra gift Hy-profile is also giving prospective clients a voucher for a FREE 5-Step Uniform Consultation with one of the Hy-Profile experts who will come to you and help you identify exactly what uniform would suit you and your situation ...

 "Nothing makes a stronger statement then having everyone in your business, club, sporting team, event or conference looking great in uniforms that make them feel part of the team and that everyone talks about ..."

You can contact June Richards on 07 5532 1001 at or at

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Hy-Profile Promotional Services

Hy-Profile Promotional Services has 15 years experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering uniforms on the Gold Coast. They have a large range of designs, techniques, styles, and clothing. Hy-Profile also manages the entire process from design to delivery.
June Richards
P: 07 5532 1001
M: 0407 592 790


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