Thursday, May 16th, 2013
Australia has experienced a once in a lifetime mining boom driven by the urbanisation in China. Unfortunately there are signs of this boom coming to an end. We believe investors should be looking towards the next opportunity involving technology and brands.

The next boom technology is back

Australia has the fourth highest smartphone user rate in the world and we all shop online yet as investors we tend not to invest in technology.

The reason this gap exists is that we typically only invest in Australia yet technology in the ASX200 is less than 1% of the overall sharemarket. While companies whose services we use everyday like Google, Ebay and Visa are listed in the US. As investors we have figured out it is better to put our money in bank shares rather than bank deposits but what about other investments like the internet and technology that we use everyday?

A super cycle in brands

Emerging market incomes have increased to levels where they can now begin to afford consumer brands and enjoy everyday services that we take for granted. Owners of global brands are benefiting from the once in a lifetime opportunity to sell to hundreds of millions of potential new customers. These brands will also benefit from the ending of the commodity boom as the cost of materials for their products decrease.

The mining boom has ended yet the Australian dollar remains high it is an opportunity for investors to participate in the next once in a lifetime opportunity overseas.

Come visit us at the Sydney Trading and Investment Expo on at the Sydney Convention centre between the 19th and 20th of July. Otherwise find out more at the link below.

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Decisive is an international fund for Australian investors. Decisive aims to give Australian investors exposure to technology and consumer brands so that you will benefit from what you see everyday as a consumer as an investor as well.
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