Thursday, May 16th, 2013
MISS Maud and North Fremantle-based catering business Rawsome have come together to deliver something free – sweet treats that are gluten, dairy, grain, sugar, egg and soy-free.

Made without any cooking or baking from raw, quality ingredients such as nuts, fruits and a variety of superfoods, a selection of Rawsome products will be available in Miss Maud’s 15 pastry houses across Perth from May 16.

It’s a first for the famed Swedish institution and a major coup for Rawsome: Miss Maud has previously always provided its own cakes and treats.

Described as “deliciously decadent”, the Rawsome products include the best-selling carawmel slice (note to subs: spelling correct), kapow bar, moon rocks, choc mint slice and mini donuts. A Rawsome option is also included in the Miss Maud catering selection.

Laila Gampfer, of Melville, established Rawsome – literally “raw, so me” – after being diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2010.

“I was looking for a gluten-free alternative that fitted with my nutritional plan and didn't taste like cardboard,” she said.

“Products on the market continually disappointed me so I began to experiment and discovered ingredients in their raw state could, with a bit of creativity, be transformed into indulgent, healthy treats.

“Initially, the experimentation was for my own palate and diet but soon my treats were gaining popularity with friends and family and more and more people were commenting on the potential for a business.

“There was a strong awareness of the correlation between nutrition and health so creating products that people could enjoy while staying healthy became a major passion.”

Trying to create a Rawsome version of conventional products became Gampfer’s driving force and, since initial start-up, the business has expanded to a team of six working to meet demand.

After hearing about Rawsome’s success in making healthy treats more accessible, Miss Maud herself advised she was looking for delicious alternatives to offer customers with special dietary needs.

“I delivered a sample box of Rawsome products and hours later I got a message telling me Maud Edmiston [Miss Maud founder and managing director] was sampling my treats, which was both surreal and nerve-wracking,” Gampfer said.

Initially, Rawsome products were only stocked at Miss Maud’s Café Stockholm in Karrinyup but, only hours after launching, Gampfer was advised all pastry houses would sell them from mid-May.

“Since opening our first coffee house in the city in 1971, the quality of our products has always been underpinned by a passion for beautiful and delicious food, created from the finest quality ingredients, which makes our customers want to come back for more,” Ms Edmiston said.

“With the addition of Rawsome’s wholesome, hand-made products, we are delighted our customers with special dietary interests can now confidently enjoy the simple pleasure of beautiful sweet treats.”

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rawsome-laila: Rawsome is the brainchild of Laila Gampfer and her alternative, healthy sweet treats have now been embraced by Miss Maud.

carawmel1-2: Rawsome’s best-selling carawmel slice (note to subs: spelling correct), will be available at Miss Maud pastry houses from May 16.

moon rocks: A fudgy hazelnut delight from Rawsome.

mini donuts1-2: Rawsome’s mini donuts are one of several products made from raw, quality ingredients without baking or cooking.

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Rawsome evolved from passionate experimentation with raw, quality ingredients and a strong interest in the Paleo diet.

Created by Laila Gampfer in 2011, Rawsome seeks to provide a wholesome range of treats to satisfy sweet cravings while nourishing the body, mind and soul.

Rawsome treats can now be found in cafés and retail outlets throughout WA.

Rawsome promises their products are RAW, VEGAN*, PALEO, GLUTEN-FREE, GRAIN-FREE, EGG-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, SUGAR-FREE, SOY-FREE and are made with passion, love and a commitment to great health.

Laila and her staff continue to deliver on this promise today.

Laila Gampfer
P: 0412 593 042

Miss Maud

In 1971 Miss Maud opened the first Swedish Pastry House in City Arcade Perth – over 40 years on and there are 15 Miss Maud Pastry Houses, the landmark Swedish Hotel and Restaurant (on the corner of Pier and Murray Streets) open 365 days, the  24 hour Swedish Bakehouse, and Catering Platters; with over 500 staff who are dedicated to improving, changing and developing – always with our customers’ needs in mind. 
Marina Valmadre, Oakridge Communication Group
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