Wednesday, May 15th, 2013
One of Australia’s fastest growing communities is brand loyal and cashed up.  But Muslims are largely overlooked in target marketing.  Published today, the latest OriginsInfo White Paper explores this unique and relatively untapped market.

Islam represents almost 30% of world population.  That’s more than 2 billion people with combined annual spending power of $2.1 trillion*.  Over 60% of Muslims live in the Asia Pacific region.  Even with a growing local community, most Australian business neglects this key target market.

OriginsInsight:  “Spotlight on The Islamic Community in Australia” explores many facets of marketing to Muslim consumers.  The first being market segmentation.  This White Paper profiles the diverse range of ancestries with which Australian Muslims identify.  While some broad marketing principles apply, each has its own cultural tradition and market characteristics.

Islamic Australians may be native born or, of Asian, African, European and Middle Eastern origin.  Accurate analysis is vital to identify cultural groupings within a marketing database.  This includes ancestry, language, customs and population distribution.

OriginsInfo uses unique name algorithms to precisely group data by cultural origin and location.  Right down to street level, if required.  This empowers Australian businesses to be more targeted persuasive in marketing to Muslim consumers and develop brand presence in global Islamic markets.

A US study found Islamic consumers most responsive to brands reflecting their own core values.  The ideals inherent within individual communities had strong bearing on Muslim buying behaviour.

Australian marketing activity rarely features Islamic people.  This leaves purchase-ready Muslims disengaged by mainstream advertising.  To reverse this trend, OriginsInsight suggests possible marketing tactics for application across an array of industry sectors.

OriginsInsight:  “Spotlight on The Islamic Community in Australia” is available for download from Tuesday 14th May at the OriginsInfo website.

* Ogilvy Noor, 2012

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OriginsInfo boosts communication efficiency through niche cultural segmentation.  The unique name analysis technique helps organisations gain understanding of their customer base and its values.

Applying a blend of data interpretation, pioneering technology and specialist analysis OriginsInfo provides detailed insight of:

  •     cultural composition of the customer base,
  •     market penetration within community groupings,
  •     target audience values and marketing motivators,
  •     customer service enhancement opportunities,
  •     under and over represented cultures,
  •     actual geographic location of prospects.

Viewing customers and prospects in a cultural context gives organisations powerful marketing knowledge.  This insight supports new market identification, informed business decisions and development of engaging, culturally-appropriate communication.

Australia’s cultural diversity is constantly evolving.  Today, leading organisations know tailoring business strategy and communication to cultural segments is more important than ever.  Hundreds of public and private organisations rely on OriginsInfo for the perspective of cultural dimension.

Our clients include:

  •     ANZ
  •     American Express
  •     AFL
  •     Toyota

Together with Diversity Council Australia, OriginsInfo is also involved in a pioneering project to determine the cultural composition of Senior Executives within the ASX Top 20 companies.
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