Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

"Longing" Exhibition from 13 May - 13 July at Art House Hotel addresses internal desires and a longing for what we don't have. 

Opening at the Art House Hotel on 13 May - 13 July, "Longing" is based on limited editions of extraordinary portrayals of the light beyond darkness. Christian Mushenko's latest body of work examines the release into something beyond, abstract colour field images that hint at a vision for the future based on desires and longing for what we don't have.

"Longing" is the quiet drama present in each photographic work, created without a lens. With each image an unfocused view of the world, there is a more basic response to light, an abstract colour field image. The lack of focus in each artwork removes us from the actual subject in front of us. Instead it hints at the mysterious, often unclear vision of our futures, made up of our internal desires and longing.

Growing up on an orchard in New England shaped Christian's early affinity with the natural world. His early development led to a sensitivity and appreciation of the environment around him and it continues to this day. His work focuses on a style rich in feeling and humanity, characterised by beauty and vibrancy. Since settling here in Australia, Christian has explored abstract seascapes, relying on the elements of nature to create dreamlike images and reflections. These seascapes have featured in Hollywood movie sets, and grace walls from Manhattan to Sydney.

This element of reflection has led to Christian's latest solo exhibition, "Longing" showcasing a limited edition series at the Art House Hotel from 13 May - 13 July 2013.

"This was a natural progression from my earlier exploration of seascapes, enabling me to directly address the mystery in the eye of the viewer. We see what we would like to, or even need to see, and this is where the longing for our past, present and future is instigated," outlined Christian.

The exhibition will also donate 20% of its proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Artworks will be available also for purchase during the exhibition, or by contacting Christian directly.

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Christian Mushenko

Photographer, artist, humanist - Christian Mushenko wears many hats. Currently undertaking a Masters of Art at COFA, University NSW, Christian's twenty year award-winning photographic career has led to his body of works being in global demand.
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P: +61 402 0402 327 633
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W: www.mushenkofineart.com/


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