Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Global ICT company Aptus International Services today launches the Australasian rollout of its latest product, the Aptus D6 Communicator, an innovative app that takes connecting schools, parents and students to a new level. 

The Aptus D6 Communicator rollout will initially be focused on schools across Australia – from preschools to universities – and is generating much interest across the education sector as an efficient, affordable and simple way for schools, parents and students to keep in touch and informed.

The cloud-based software allows schools to push information to a centralised platform that can be accessed quickly and easily, from anywhere and at any time, by parents and students. This info can be anything from news, calendar events, homework, timetables, canteen menus, photos, contact lists and useful links to student absentee and emergency SMS notifications. Parents are able to customise their stream of information towards their child’s grade and activities so that all the info they receive is directly relevant.

With over 1,000 schools and in excess of 500,000 subscribers currently using the D6 Communicator worldwide, the Australian schools sector rollout marks the first phase of an expansion across Australasia. In the past eight months, the app has been piloted at select Australian schools and has met with great success, getting the thumbs up from schools, parents and students alike.

“While the D6 Communicator is currently also successfully used by businesses, government, churches, sporting and leisure clubs, schools in particular are snapping up the app at a rapid rate,” says Aptus Business Development Manager (Education), Portia Neydorff. “It presents a simple, uncomplicated and effective way to keep parents involved with what’s going on in their child’s daily life at school – without needing to sieve through lots of superfluous info as they would have to do on a website. It also obviously greatly alleviates the school’s admin burden and ensures important dates, payment notifications, upcoming homework and assignments and the like don’t get lost in transmission – or ‘eaten by the dog’!”

Each school’s version of the Aptus D6 Communicator is personalised with their school logo, colours and branding and customised with their chosen categories. Aside from web/mobisite, PC and mobile functionalities, the app also integrates e-mail, SMS and print functions. With a total of six different ways to reach users, schools can keep each and every parent in the loop at any given time.

“The Aptus D6 Communicator falls into our ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) cloud stable – essentially a ‘pay-as-you-go model,” advises Chris Spies, CEO of Aptus. “This makes it both incredibly affordable and practical for schools. The initial setup fee and annual per-user fees are very reasonable and the app can be set up in minutes with no technological knowledge or skills required. Our security, identity and access management (IAM) division and helpdesk support team ensure the software is secure, stable and functional at all times.”

The Aptus D6 Communicator is available on a scaled pricing model. Costs range from budget packages that allow school-approved third party advertising to offset the cost to the school, through to premium packages that enable the school itself to generate substantial revenue through advertising – an inventive way to bolster internal fundraising efforts.

Aptus is the sole distributor of the D6 Communicator in Australasia and the app is available from approved resellers or directly from Aptus. Interested schools and resellers are invited to contact [email protected] to arrange a free, onsite demonstration of the app.

For more info, visit the Aptus D6 Communicator product page.

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