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One of the biggest national annual celebrations is the Citrawarna ceremony, which has the literal translation of 'colours of Malaysia' ceremony. 

With great cultural and racial diversity in Malaysia, the 1Malaysia campaign was introduced in 2010. The purpose was to protect and preserve the cultural, social and religious diversity in Malaysia and the harmony and unity of their coexistence. A big aspect of this was to educate, encourage acceptance and integrity in Malaysia as a nation as a whole. In addition to this, the 1Malaysia programme was a great way to celebrate the varied cultures and promote tourism in Malaysia.

One of the biggest national annual celebrations is the Citrawarna ceremony, which has the literal translation of 'colours of Malaysia' ceremony. The celebration has been incorporated with the 1Malaysia campaign and is a way to establish Malaysia as a nation of cultural and heritage wealth, making it an intriguing tourist destination.

This May festival showcases tourism events and attractions with street performances and entertainment. Streets are lined with food stalls, arts and handicraft vendors and holiday packages introducing the wonders of Malaysia. With all the colors of each ethnicity's costumes, dance, music, art and cuisine this is prime time to visit Kuala Lumpur. Whether you're in a Port Dickson beach resort or a hotel in Johor Bahru , take a day trip up to KL and experience this cultural show during this month.

The main ceremony, Colors of 1Malaysia festival is held at Dataran Merdeka in KL on 25th May this year. Last year an estimated 7000 Malaysians participated in Malaysia's most extravagant annual event. The star feature is the parade which kicks off in the evening, decorated with flowers and lit by lanterns. This highlight, showcases different races in their traditional clothing, performing music and dance from their various customs. The parade generally consists of marching bands, parade floats representing different aspects and attractions of Malaysia, as well as the traditional performances. Different segments of Malaysian tourism also have their own floats and performances, such as eco-tourism, sport tourism, resorts, heritage, shopping and food, to exhibit all the ways one can enjoy and explore Malaysia. Fireworks lit up the sky over KL last year and the evening ended with a performance to the official song of Tourism Malaysia, 'Malaysia, Truly Asia'.

The whole parade lasts 6 to 7 hours and is the highlight of the entertainment during the time, for both tourists and locals. Often the crowd is moved to join in and for Malaysians this is a wonderful representation of what their nation is about.

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