Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Two months on from the launch of South Australia's new State brand, the team behind it says it's pleased to see a positive ongoing response, locally and around the world.

The new brand is currently being used by dozens of businesses, organisations and government departments, and more than one hundred other groups have their own plans in development.

Existing examples include brand use on marketing collateral, at events, on websites, on signage and in communications (as listed below). Project leader Darren Thomas from the Economic Development Board says it's exciting to see the momentum building since the March 6 launch.

“We really thank the people who have got behind this move so positively and are making the most of this opportunity to represent the State in a united way,” Mr Thomas says. “We've seen some great, creative uses of the brand popping up in different places and we look forward to seeing many more.

“Of course we never expected businesses to overhaul their packing lines and order new stationery the day after the brand launch – we fully respect that the process of adopting the brand takes time and careful consideration.

“In this way, we think of the brand rollout as a marathon, not a sprint, and we are looking forward to a long and rewarding run ahead.”

One strong advocate of the new brand is Nigel McBride, Chief Executive of Business SA, who has already championed it in the media, adopted it on Business SA's website and ensured it is being used on all emails from staff out to members and the market.

He says there are several, distinct ways in which the brand is a powerful tool, particularly when you consider its application globally.

“Firstly, it leverages off one of the strongest national brands in the world – Australia and it accurately positions us for international audiences,” Mr McBride says.

“Representing our State as the centre of or doorway into Australia allows us to simply and easily demonstrate where we sit when promoting ourselves in markets such as China.

“Additionally, the versatility of the design enables us to highlight our strengths, for example, the background surrounding the doorway can be used to illustrate a particular industry, event or product.

“Business SA will certainly be playing an active, ongoing role in promoting the brand.”

Among the first businesses to adopt the new brand was Douglas Park Organics. Proprietor Elizabeth Johnson says they are using it on some of their new products, such as their organic orange juice.

“We are a small company and many people who see our products on the shelves may not know we're South Australian,” Mrs Johnson says.

“Putting the brand on our cartons makes it easy for South Australian consumers to know that they're buying a local product – it stands out visually and they straight away know that, by purchasing this juice, they are supporting the State and our own economy.”

Any business or group with strong South Australian ties is encouraged to visit the brand website and register to use the brandmark at

For interviews or further information, please contact Anna Bartsch on 0407 320 903 or at [email protected]

Economic Development Board | GPO Box 2343 Adelaide SA 5001 | T: (08) 8303 2496 | F: (08) 8303 2404 | W:

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Examples of the new SA brand in use:


  • Foodland catalogues
  • Hong Kong Australia Business Association (SA Chapter) Wine Club
  • Phil McMahon Real Estate
  • Food SA Shop and Swap campaign
  • Adelaide Convention Centre
  • Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action
  • South Australian Wine Industry Association
  • FAME Services
  • Douglas Park Organics
  • Tourism Australia
  • LR&M Constructions
  • Premier's March Hong Kong visit
  • Food SA Hong Kong trade show
  • Premier?s April China visit (upcoming)
  • Advantage SA Regional Awards
  • South Australian runner in the London Marathon
  • Crows and Port Adelaide AFL matches
  • London brand launch event
  • Price Waterhouse
  • Yearling Sales (Cornerstone Stud)
  • EnergyAustralia Swimming Championships
  • Australian Tourism Exchange in Sydney


  • Adelaide Airport
  • State Library
  • Power Utilities building
  • Business SA
  • Festivals Adelaide
  • WFA (women's fashion art magazine)
  • Caring Choice
  • Hughes Public Relations
  • Meals on Wheels (SA)
  • South Australian Tourism Industry Council
  • LinkedIn - 'Generation Expat - SA's Global Network'
  • Budgerigar Council of SA
  • Engraving Crew
  • Madtown
  • Solar Depot
  • Archery SA
  • Business SA
  • Chapel Hill Wine
  • Electrical & Powerline Services Pty Ltd (EPSSA)
  • Baker Marketing Services
  • Thomas Foods
  • Baldry Hill Alpaca
  • Goin Off Safaris
  • Facebook page – "Because I'm South Australian"


  • Minister Kenyon's Office – integration into new interior design
  • Recruitment advertising
  • All materials for the upcoming Tonsley Development (DMITRE and Renewal SA)
  • Department of the Premier and Cabinet website
  • Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure website
  • Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy website
  • SafeWork SA including the Share your Reasons website website
  • Defence SA website
  • Various email signatures
  • Various business cards
  • Various media release templates

More than 100 further businesses have registered to use the brand.

Images of brand usage can be seen at

Economic Development Board | GPO Box 2343 Adelaide SA 5001 | T: (08) 8303 2496 | F: (08) 8303 2404 | W:

Anna Bartsch
P: 0407 320 903


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