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“Most online marketing companies have either cutting-edge technology or excellent people. It is rare to find a company like ReachLocal that has both. ReachLocal has talented, knowledgeable people backed by the best technology platform”. Marketing Manager at Hire A Hubby.


Hire A Hubby recognised that a strong online presence was an opportunity to reach more customers cost-effectively. But executing an online marketing strategy as an all-franchised company posed some challenges.

Hire A Hubby was looking for a scalable search engine advertising service that could accommodate the various franchisees and provide them with the support and ROI.

Hire A Hubby had been running their own Google AdWords campaigns, but did not have the time or expertise to manage and optimise the campaigns internally, in order to get the results and the return on investment that they were aiming for. “We needed a scalable solution that could accommodate various franchisees and customisable to each market’s unique trends,” says Kerry Fitzgerald.

Another challenge was finding a vendor that could deliver a high return on investment. It was also important to find a vendor willing to guide franchisees as they navigated the transition from print-only advertising to search engine advertising.



Online Media is one of the leading source to grow your business reputation and wealth. Consequently don’t risk your business reputation or waste money without knowledge of managing online media campaigns.

 Hire A Hubby began working with ReachLocal in April 2009 to implement ReachSearch - search engine advertising campaigns to drive more customers to their franchise stores. ReachLocal’s scalable technology platform meets the different size and scope requirements for each franchisee’s market and the technology’s sophisticated capabilities hone in on subtle search trends that can vary from region to region. “We began a trial with Reach Local and started seeing results straight away, so we cancelled all of our AdWords accounts and slowly have built things up from there over the past 3 years. At the time we started with ReachLocal we were looking to move from traditional advertising (such as local newspapers) to see if the Search Engine Marketing and Online advertising was viable for our business.

We trialled a range of online directories such as Yellow Pages Online, True Local etc. with the goal to find the source that provided us the best cost per lead. ReachLocal won hands down!”. Fitzgerald shares.

What’s more, ReachLocal’s dedicated account experts continuously align and optimise campaigns to market trends, and by serving as an educational resource, the ReachLocal team has helped Hire A Hubby franchisees move smoothly into online media. “The ReachLocal team understands our business. They keep us informed about what’s happening in our markets, and they work with our franchisees to help them get the most from their online marketing efforts”. Fitzgerald says.


ReachLocal’s combination of technology leadership and relationship focused customer service results in a return on investment that helps Hire A Hubby franchisees succeed. Since working with ReachLocal, Hire A Hubby have received a total of 29,600 leads, which equates to a cost per lead of $5.46. This is a 364% increase in leads from ReachLocal’s Reach Search campaigns alone!

Hire A Hubby highly recommend Australian Business to try ReachLocal’s Services to grow your business online.

Visit ReachLocal Reviews online to see more examples of how ReachLocal has helped local businesses grow.

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ReachLocal is a NASDAQ publicly-listed company specialising in online marketing for small to medium businesses, national brands, agencies and resellers.

Since it began its operations in 2004 in the USA, the company has experienced rapid growth, and as a result, made its way to Australian shores where local offices in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA and SA work with the collective vision to help businesses acquire, maintain and retain customers using the internet.
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