Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

With 3/4 of small businesses using the internet to place orders, and with ½ of online sales in Australia involving international transactions, small businesses are being forced to come to terms very quickly with the various challenges of importing. 

Until recently, small businesses would engage a sourcing agent at a hefty cost to help them import, however the huge growth in the use of B2B directories means small businesses are now tackling the task alone. However the supply transaction they make is offshore, so in many cases they are then responsible for verifying the supplier, ensuring the compliance of the product and physically shipping it.

To help small businesses bridge that gap, Brisbane company My Import Label have launched an online learning experience to up skill small businesses in just six weeks for how to import and launch new products to market. The program provides the know-how and software to learn what to import, how to import it and the tools to actually do it.

My Import Label founder, Craig Ford, said small businesses can save between 30% and 200% by importing from overseas markets, but many new importers are learning about the pitfalls of sourcing online the hard way.

“We get calls weekly from start-ups and small businesses using overseas based online supplier directories that have committed to an order, but communication has broken down and they are not sure if the right product will arrive in one piece, if at all. There is a real knowledge gap that we are helping to overcome, at very low cost,” Mr Ford explained.

“We have developed the first online learning experience for importers in Australia, which enables small businesses to import and launch new products to market. For less than $500, small businesses can complete the program, spend $500 on samples and shipping – so they can test their product idea for less than $1000. The opportunity to test a product idea before committing to a commercial order is completely new, and significantly reduces their risk and cost exposure.”

Prior to My Import Label setting up, their team members have worked in international trade advisory roles on an exclusive national contract, where they advised hundreds of small businesses in Queensland how to successfully export overseas, reporting export sales supported of over $20m in a 4 year period.

“The principles for export and import are the same - how to effectively transfer product into a new market. We started My Import label and did the set-up for clients – crawled around factories in China negotiating supplier contracts and inspecting products, designing brands and launching online stores for clients. However small businesses told us they want more than just help importing, they need help evaluating the product idea before they start, and help launching it to market - and don’t want to pay much for it. So we developed an online learning experience they can complete in just six weeks, with online store software and tools to make the task easier.”

My Import Label recently assisted emerging pets products provider, My Pet’s Life to develop an own label tracking device for pets, My Pet Tracker. From original concept, understanding the technology, visiting the supplier in China, designing the brand and packaging to negotiating My Pet Tracker label on the product - My Import Label helped import and launch the technology device to market. The device looks set to change the way pet owners find their lost pets.

“As a small business with very limited funding, we couldn’t afford any mistakes”, writes founder of My Pet Tracker, Ms Monique Bourdon. “My Import Label helped me with the know-how and confidence to tackle this new product idea, then import and launch a completely new product to market which will revolutionise the ways lost dogs and cats are found”.

To see how My Import Label’s program works, go to www.myimportlabel.com.au.

To see more about how My Import label help My Pet Tracker import and launch, go to My Pet Tracker


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My Import Label is an online learning experience for start-ups and small businesses that wish to import and launch product to market. The program is available for a low monthly membership fee, and can be completed in just six weeks, without the huge up front cost of sourcing partners and seminar training. It provides the user with the know-how and tools to set-up a newly imported product line and launch to market, with a step by step guide through the process.
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