Saturday, April 20th, 2013

There are surveys and there are surveys but do they drive you mad with incessant demands to tick a box or talk to some nice lady on the phone who only wants 20 minutes of your time.

The original trend for hard copy tick box / drop box surveys has in a large part been replaced by email surveys and joined by telephone call surveys (setting you up for a sale) and the industry for paid surveys where the unwitting believe they will make a lot of money answering a half hour of mind bending questions to go into a chance to win an I-phone or similar.

It is clear that the Survey business is one that works and in the United States represents a 2 billion turn over industry growing at near double digit figures going forward thus showing that customer data is still King.

Setting up a major Survey campaign should be undertaken with care and most likely with the assistance of professionals but what about those times when all you need is customer feedback, a bit of customer interaction or even staff involvement in communicating things as they are?
The most likely answer is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services where the automated action is quick. It’s available and mobile to meet the modern “need it now generation” and the questions can be set to achieve what you want to find out and balanced with what the respondents want to say.

One Australian company Verdi Business Messaging has extended there messaging service to include an IVR survey portal that will meet the needs of many companies by incorporating a range of question formats obtained from a simple phone call that steps through selected steps to meet your goals.

IVR surveys use the telephone service to allow customers or staff to call a 1300 or local telephone number and then step through a series of questions using the phone keypad through to leaving an actual Voice message.

One key point is that responses can be emailed immediately even to mobile phones so that Survey results are really at your finger tips. In addition a survey report is sent at a preset time, Day or week so that analysis of results can be undertaken and actions instigated.

A further benefit is the Pin and Pass code feature for closed circuit groups and a Voting feature that provides a Vote portal with many impressive benefits.

Who would use an IVR survey? Government, Retail, Manufacturing, Mining and Resources groups, Recruitment, Medical in fact just about anyone that wants to provide an easy 24/7 access portal  to gain user participation.

Author Peter Hanley MD at Verdi business messaging 1800 116 116.

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