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The Toy and Game Expo is returning with even more interactive family fun!

Australia, 18 April 2013 – After its hugely successful launch in 2012, Australia’s biggest play date, The Toy and Game Expo, has confirmed its return this June long weekend, with even more hands-on fun for small kids and big kids alike!
With no other events of its kind in the country, the organisers are determined to make this year’s Expo even bigger and better than it was last year in a bid to keep the passion that they stirred up for new and classic toys, games, hobbies and interactive, family fun, alive! Families will have the opportunity to test out the latest in toys and games from around the world and play with everything from Slot Cars, the N-Strike Elite Nerf Arena and The Trash Pack through to Play-Doh, Lego, the latest board games and all of the classics like chess.
Last year’s Expo played host to over 6,000 little and big kids aged between 5 and 105, and this year more than 10,000 people are expected to devote part of their long weekend to visiting the family-friendly Expo.
The Toy and Game Expo exists as a place in which toys can come to life and be shared in a hands-on environment that fosters and encourages interactivity. What organisers hope that people take away from it is an appreciation of games and toys, and an understanding of the fun and sharing they can bring that many PC and console games sadly do not.
Charles Bishop, Co-Convenor, said, “We believe the world is a place to play in together and enjoy, and we love the tactile and social experiences that we have through toys and games with our families!
“Toys should be played with and shared, not kept in a box! That’s why the Expo encourages everyone to get involved and build, share, race, squish, ride, imagine, jump, challenge, laugh, explore and create! One way that families can immerse themselves in the action is in one of the Expo’s main attractions – a purpose-built inflatable Nerf Arena for N-Strike Elite. This was a favourite last year, with one participant describing it as the best fun he has had besides Christmas!”
Visitors can expect to see the latest toys and games: The Trash Pack, Blingles and Micro Chargers from Moose Toys, Bop Along Buddies, Mayfair Games, Gandam, Play-Doh and Top Gear, as well as the all-famous Remote Control race track, which is sure to bring back the boy in every dad!
Fellow convenor, Steve Rohan-Jones, added, “We want Australians of all ages to rediscover the magic of board games and toys that the whole family can enjoy together. Over 150 of the latest European and American board games will be available for play in the Games Library, and we are also bringing back the classics.”
Serious game-players can participate in the Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Rummikub National Championships, with some winners of tournaments receiving airfares to allow them to compete in the International Championships.
The Toy and Game Expo was created by Charles Bishop and Steve Rohan-Jones because of their intense desire to reinforce the values that they themselves had rediscovered through toys and games.
When Bishop’s son, Josh, was eleven, he suffered a severe spinal injury that led to him spending an extended period of time in hospital. For the duration of his long recovery period, the Bishop family discovered that playing board games was a great way to keep Josh entertained and intellectually stimulated.
“Fun is so important in life, especially in families. In fact, it is what has brought my family closer together and gotten us through some very tough times,” added Bishop.
Today, Bishop and Rohan-Jones work closely with The Children’s Hospital at Westmead to raise funds for the Spinal Injury Support Program. Proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets at this year’s Expo will be donated to this cause.
The Toy and Game Expo will span three days over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (8-10 June, 2013) at The Dome, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. Tickets can be purchased online at 


Australia’s premier ‘Toy and Game Expo’

When:  Queen’s Birthday long weekend, 8-10 June, 2013 at 10am-5pm
Where:  The Dome, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park
Cost:  $50 Family of 5, $20 Adult, $15 Senior, $10 Child, free for children under 4 years of age.
Tickets:  Tickets are cheaper online and are also available for purchase on the day at the Expo
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the Toy and Game Expo

On 8-10 June 2013, the Toy and Game Expo will bring children of all ages together for the biggest play date in Australia. Exhibitors will come from all over the world to showcase the latest in toys, family board games, card games and other family fun in a ‘hands on’ environment.
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the convenors

Charles Bishop and Steve Rohan-Jones believe that the world is a place to play in and enjoy. In giving both big and little kids the opportunity to experience the latest in toys and games, and also to breathe new life into the classics, Bishop and Rohan-Jones truly believe that they have the best jobs in the world.


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