Friday, April 12th, 2013
Foundations Family Nutrition is an “interactive and fun” counselling centre which has recently opened in Geelong after 10 years of success in Boston. Foundations Family Nutrition is set to revolutionise how families and children in Australia receive their nutrition guidance on weight, picky eating, allergies, general family nutrition education (their favourite!) and more.

Many families struggle to get their children to eat in a healthy way given the pressures of life, family, work and that of our environment. Accredited Practicing Dietitians at Foundations Family Nutrition work together with individuals, children and entire families to prevent future issues or to treat medical issues at hand. The centre opened in Geelong after being located in Boston, Massachusetts for over 10 years. In Boston, more than 8000 families were treated and hundreds of providers have been trained in both paediatric nutrition and the “Family approach”.

There is an emphasis on education, child involvement and motivating positive behaviour changes. Most nutrition counselling programs emphasise “what” to teach; Foundations Family Nutrition also places a great emphasis on “how” to teach. The centres’ approach is hands-on, eye opening, motivating and fun.

The “Willy Wonka” Garden is not to be missed. The garden is full of fruit, vegetables and herbs that children are encouraged to try. The favourites are currently the liquorice and stevia plants. 

Families worldwide get their nutrition questions answered. In addition to the counselling centre in Geelong, Foundations Family Nutrition has launched an “interactive” website. The aim of the website is to answer questions from families around the world and to provide a resource for other providers and their patients. Included on the website are nutrition handouts, podcasts, webcasts and more. Podcasts can also be found on iTunes. Send Foundations Family Nutrition your questions!

Take action. Call Foundations Family Nutrition if you would like to make an appointment for yourself or for your family. For those unable to access the Geelong location, home visits, telephone and web video sessions are available. Services are often partially covered by private health insurance. General Practitioner (GP) referrals for Medicare Benefits Scheme are accepted.

"Foundations Family Nutrition combines a fun, comfortable environment with 21st century know how - just what the doctor ordered for your family's nutrition and weight issues!" - Dr. Daniel Epstein, Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

“Not only was I impressed but the residents found Inger Neylons’ presentation to have been the best nutrition teaching they had received during their residency!.”  -  Dr. Rick Goldstein, Combined Residency Program in Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center

“Ella is doing so well and I truly believe you alone made a difference. I send you much love and gratitude.” – Mum of 13 year old

Visit Foundations Family Nutrition website:

Visit Foundations Family Nutrition interactive website:


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Foundations Family Nutrition

Foundations Family Nutrition is a nutrition education and counselling centre staffed by Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) with a special emphasis on the nutrition needs of children and their families. We are a mission-driven organisation, and all our efforts are aligned against the underlying mission of empowering children and families to build life-long healthy eating and fitness habits through education, motivation and support. We have extensive experience working with children of all ages and their parents on building healthy eating habits, attaining healthy weights and addressing medical nutrition issues.

Since its inception 10 years ago, Foundations Family Nutrition has helped over 8000 individuals to develop healthier eating habits and to live healthier lives. Our programs have received positive feedback and endorsements from many pediatricians in the Boston area, and we have a broad referral network. We have also worked with leading healthcare organisations, schools, and companies to improve the health of their patients, students and employees.
Inger Neylon, APD RD
P: 03 52294965
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