Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
Please join Kaleo Selah for an exciting 1-hour Valentine's presentation on "Love, Romance and Enlightenment". On Saturday, January 13th at 2pm, the public is invited to Cosmic Pages bookshop at 338 King William Road in the Adelaide CBD. This Cosmic Pages event will be Kaleo's first Australian public appearance since moving to Adelaide from Hollywood last June. Kaleo's free pre-Valentine's Day presentation showcases his unique style, based on a lifetime of shamanic practice and over 20 years of deep personal transition work with his majority female clientèle. The first 50 guests will receive a beautiful Valentine's Day gift, compliments of popular Adelaide identity Yaffa Zhav.

Nina Selah, Kaleo's wife and manager, says, "Spending just an hour with Kaleo on this hot topic is a great way for both men and women to become positively relationship-ready. The high-quality impact of Kaleo's self-love message is unique in Australia. He brings immediate results for any person looking to improve their life in a tangible way."

Kaleo's diverse background and extensive training make him the perfect "next step" for advanced spiritual seekers who want something more. Working from a "holistic energy" perspective, Kaleo's primary focus is to help clients re-integrate the universal spirit of life into every-day activities. Kaleo's clients overwhelmingly report increased happiness and satisfaction with their lives after working with him.

Nina continues, "In short, Kaleo transforms fear into love using fun and excitement. I don't know of anyone else who does this type of work in Adelaide."

Contact: Nina Selah, Manager
Phone: 0412 959 727
Email: [email protected]

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Kaleo Selah

Kaleo Selah is a black American shaman from Hollywood, CA now living in Adelaide. He is an author, musician, metaphysical teacher and life transition coach. Kaleo is a graduate of Stanford University, a corporate pioneer and a former professional athlete.
Nina Selah - Manager
P: 0412 959 727
M: 0412 959 727


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