Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

2010 Just the Right Gift: have you read TIGERIN yet and have you made your Tiger Talisman 2010 yet by the start of the Year of the Tiger on February 14th?

New Plymouth, New Zealand - Claire Books Wealthy Ltd, publisher and distributor of children’s eBooks, announced that its newest product, TIGERIN eBook + Tiger Talisman 2010, by Claire Books has been looking forward to the start of 2010 Year of the Tiger on February 14th.

TIGERIN is an educational book for children aged 5 to 12 years. It introduces them to the Positive & Creative Thinking in a child-friendly way (through the Animals of the Eastern Horoscope) AND at the same time encourages them to speak good words, plant good thoughts and generate good feelings.
- It is a fairy-tale about the wonderful adventures of a little blue tiger called TIGERIN, who discovers that he is the Master of 2010 Year of the Tiger, symbolising Power, Prosperity and Luck.
- Trying to understand what the celebrations are, TIGERIN meets other 11 Animals of the Eastern Horoscope who represent and protect a certain Year: Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat and Ox.
- The Animals of the Year tell TIGERIN about some of the features and characteristics that can be noticed in people born under the Sign of a certain Animal.
- The wise Zodiac Animals explain TIGERIN why it is important to be grateful and appreciative; feel joy, happiness and good; be generous, laugh and smile; live in harmony and peace; forgive and forget; get inspired, be creative and love their families.
- The last two pages of TIGERIN contain a template of a blue Tiger with photos and Instruction. The readers have the opportunity to make their own Blue Tiger in 7 easy steps. When finished, that beautiful toy, being a small copy of TIGERIN made by children and their parents, becomes their Talisman for 2010. The readers are encouraged to charge their Tiger Talisman 2010 with joy and other kind feelings when assembling, so that it becomes powerful.

TIGERIN was created to bring joy and happiness to every family. Both children and their parents will have fun together when reading the eBook and making their unique 2010 Tiger Talisman: family members reading and creating together helps bind families together.

TIGERIN is currently available for purchase at www.tigerin2010.com, www.amazon.com, www.ebookstore.com.au, www.ebookstore.co.uk and www.clickbank.com. Price: US $9.99. Amazon Kindle price: US $11.99.

For additional information on TIGERIN, please contact Claire Books or visit www.tigerin2010.com

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