Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
Davao, Philippines, Apr 1, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Many companies are well underway on their corporate sustainability journey, with increasingly impactful social and environmental programmes becoming more and more commonplace around the region.

As CSR managers look forward to see what new programmes they can introduce they are often daunted by the huge variety of options available. Also when faced with increasingly demanding guidelines on reporting environmental, social and governance performance they wonder which parts are relevant and which issues are essential for an effective communication strategy.

This workshop will look at this whole scenario through the lens of "Materiality" - the principles for finding out what is and what is not important to your company and its stakeholders. The course will guide you through two simple tools to make materiality assessments work for your company, one to help establish material issues and the other to help prioritise those issues for further action and reporting.

What you will learn:

- What is "materiality" and what does it mean to my company?
- Who says what is material and what is not material?
- Who are my stakeholders and what is material to them?
- What are the benefits to me of getting this right from the outset?
- How do I prioritise the material issues for strategy and reporting?
- How do I avoid irrelevant issues and are they always irrelevant?

The Course Leader is Professor Dr Geoffrey Williams, MA(cantab), MA(oxon), MA(econ), PhD, FRSA, FMIM.

5th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2013

The Global CSR Summit & Awards 2013, recognized as Asia's most prestigious conference and awards on Corporate Social Responsibility will be held at Marco Polo Davao, Philippines on 19-20 April 2013.

The Global CSR Summit 2013 will be introducing the most advanced ideas and issues relating to sustainability in the Asian business community. As it is now generally accepted that sustainability has now entered the mainstream of business, the challenge now is to examine our practices to ensuring that CSR is not used as a tool for whitewashing certain hidden unethical activities.

Building on the theme "Local Innovations, Global Impact", the conference will address how governments and corporations today can tackle these problems collectively at the local level and adopt long lasting and innovative business and governance models for positive global impact.

Delegates will also witness the achievements of top performing organisations and persons in the realm of sustainability through the Global CSR Awards ceremony. This is coupled with expert training workshops and an eco- leisure tour to the best scenic sights of Davao.

The Award categories for this year are:
- Best Environmental Excellence Award
- Best Community Program Award
- Best Workplace Practices
- CSR Leadership Award
- Product Excellence Award

The Global CSR Summit & Awards 2013 is celebrating its fifth successive year and attracts over 200 delegates from top corporations and NGOs from Asia and the rest of the world.

For more information, please see http://globalcsr.tpgi.org/.

To request for a nomination form / delegate registration / sponsorship opportunities and event partnerships, kindly contact:

Ed Gallinero
DID: +632 800 9201
[email protected]

Marco Domingo
DID: +65 6846 2710
Email: [email protected]

Reed Yu Kim
DID: +65 6346 2712
Email: [email protected]

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Marco Domingo

P: +65 6846 2710
W: globalcsr.tpgi.org/


The Global CSR Summit & Awards takes place April 19-20 at the Marco Polo Davao, Philippines


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