Sunday, March 31st, 2013
Sydney comic, Matty Grey, didn't think driving his van-load of props to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival would be too hard. Turns out he was very wrong! Although thousands of cars will successfully make the trip along the Hume highway this Easter weekend, Matt’s van won’t be one of them.

Tuesday morning Matt loaded his Combo minivan full of props to begin the drive from Sydney to Melbourne. The fact that he will be performing a comedy show for children aged 5-12 years meant that the van was near bursting with props, staging and a bag of clothes on the front seat. Around 350km into the trip Matt got a sense that his plans were about to change when the van started to make strange noises. He only just managed to limp the car it into Gundagai where the car now remains.

Being the week leading up to Easter, every mechanic in town was overworked but Matt managed to find sympathetic ears in Andrew and Matthew at Gundagai Mechanical Repairs. They did their best by trying to get parts from Wagga on Wednesday afternoon and working late that night. However, after a restless night for Matt waiting at the Gundagai Caravan Park, Thursday afternoon saw the discovery of a new problem and the end of any chance that the van would be making it to Melbourne within the next week.The gearbox on his van had died and with Matty due to be taking the stage for his show “Age-Less 2: Game On!” next Tuesday morning at 11:30am, waiting for the car was now not an option.

On the day before a major holiday long weekend, in a country town that is 500km from your destination, the options become slim. No parts could be founds in time. No tow trucks were free for a trip of that distance. Any hire cars that were still available were too small. A bus ticket was not an option given that two of the props being transported were adult-sized operational foam Rockem Sockem robots.

A couple of frantic Facebook posts later and with many heart-warming offers of help from family and friends, a contingency plan was made. Matt’s best friend from his year growing up in Melbourne stepped up to be the hero. He hired a van Thursday afternoon and drove the five hours to Gundagai to collect his stranded mate with the odd assortment of luggage. At ten o’clock Thursday night, more than 30 hours after his un-expected rest stop, Matt was finally back on the road. He arrived in Melbourne at 3am on Good Friday.

Matty Grey will be appearing in “Age-Less 2: Game On!”, a show that tells the tale of Matt’s escape from the land that games come from. It is playing at the festival’s only clean comedy venue, Comedy on Collins from 2nd – 13th April. For more information and bookings please visit

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