Friday, March 29th, 2013

A Brisbane based car removal company has reached new heights of success and is going to take the customers by storm by its highly attractive offer. Yes, it is none other than the No 1 Car Removal Company. It is now just a phone call away. This offer has been introduced recently so that the buyer and the seller barrier is broken down and to expedite the car selling process. If one wants to get rid of the old car and get a handsome amount of cash in return one can ring up this Brisbane Car Removal Service. Moreover the arrangements can be made as per the wish of the seller. The service is available all over Brisbane.

The process is very short and simple. One can actually visit the office of the service providers or get in touch with them over the phone. A form has to be filled up by the seller to commence with the selling process. This is actually a quote form and one can even obtain the quote over the phone. Once the timing is fixed an agent of the service providers will actually turn up at the sellers place to pick up the vehicle. The biggest advantage is that sometimes the car can be picked up on the same day the deal is finalised.

The key highlights are that one does not have to pay any towing or removal fees for the car. Moreover the payment is offered regardless of the condition of the car. The cash is paid on spot so no wastage of time in waiting for the lengthy bank procedures to complete to get the payment.

However there are certain tips and guidelines that should be followed by the seller to make the deal safe and mutually beneficial. The relevant documents of the car should be updated and available in a timely manner. It would be a smart idea to conduct the whole deal in a safe place to eliminate any safety issues. A simple bill statement should be presented to the company service providers so that everything is written and decided clearly.

From a seller's point of view they find the deal quite attractive because one often wants to purchase a new vehicle and get rid of the old one, but monetary issues often become a hurdle. Moreover if one adopts other methods to sell the vehicle the whole procedure can be very long and tiresome and at the end of the day one may also not get the desired amount.
Sellers hope that the company will soon expand its services so that more people can enjoy the facility of getting quick cash.


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No 1 Car Removal company has been providing its car removal services for a long time. Its online services are there for the seller to get a detailed insight regarding the service and the procedure details. Moreover one can even email the service providers to get any additional information if required.

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