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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire) - Ooyala today announced its newest advances in multi-screen video technology for broadcasters and media companies. The new products build on Ooyala's strong track record of innovation for companies needing to deliver premium, protected content across all screens in a way that maximizes viewer personalization, content discovery and monetization.

The new products include:

·  Ooyala Discovery Guide for personalized programming guides that blend live and VOD content

·  Hook, a mobile video playback application that simplifies distribution to nearly all Android devices

·  Ooyala XTV Connect for playback of video discovered on mobile devices via connected TVs

·  Ooyala Rights Locker for managing entitlements for linear and VOD content on a per-user basis


Ooyala will be showcasing its full set of offerings -- from live streaming and mobile video to social integration and monetization tools -- as well as Discovery Guide, XTV Connect and Hook at this year's National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, and exhibiting at MIPCube in Cannes, France, both from April 8-11. To learn more or to schedule a meeting at either show visit the events page at

"Today's new product offerings overcome significant barriers for media companies delivering premium content online, in the critical areas of content discovery, multi-screen DRM, and distribution to mobile devices and connected TVs," said Bismarck Lepe, president of products and co-founder of Ooyala. "These products will help our customers deliver a more lucrative TV-like experience on all screens, and create seamless connections between content and consumers."

"Getting live video content to Android devices is extremely challenging and, as a result, some content owners have even considered abandoning support for Android altogether," said Dan Rayburn, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. "With Hook, Ooyala is solving a major pain point for premium content owners that want to reach as many Android devices as possible. Ooyala is stepping in to solve a problem that Google has been unable, or unwilling, to address." 

Ooyala Discovery Guide Increases Engagement Through Data-Driven Personalization
Building on the success of Ooyala Discovery, launched in 2012, Ooyala Discovery Guide is a significant step forward enabling media companies to blend linear, live and on-demand content into an integrated, engaging guide experience. Ooyala Discovery represents a unique data-driven approach to engagement and revenue optimization that has been proven with trial customers to advance key business goals such as driving usage, increasing ad completions and improving ad fill rates.

Bringing the traditional grid-like TV programming guide into the new millennium, Ooyala Discovery Guide uses program schedules, behavioral data, content metadata, explicit user input and editorial controls to provide a personalized channel lineup. Ooyala's Discovery technology uses real-time analytics and patented optimization algorithms to provide up-to-the-minute recommendations of the content the viewer is most likely to watch. In addition, Ooyala Discovery Guide includes a watch-later queueing functionality so viewers can select the programming they wish to keep on a personal playlist.

Media companies with large content libraries can use Discovery Guide to construct personalized channels that are unique to each individual viewer. Discovery Guide is designed to increase engagement and optimize revenue through personally relevant, TV-like experiences that blend together on-demand and scheduled content. Ooyala Discovery is already delivering an average 30 percent lift for current customers, and now with Discovery Guide, Ooyala is bringing this optimization capability to live content.


Hook: Easy Way to Publish to Android with Live and Linear Streaming, Ad Insertion, DRM
According to Ooyala's Global Video Index, the share of all hours watched on mobile and tablets doubled in 2012. However, even with Android's large install base, iPhone users watched twice as much video on their phones according to the Index.

Hook, a mobile video playback application published by Ooyala, is a revolutionary concept that combines the ease of development of the web with the robustness of a native video runtime to solve the problem of version and device fragmentation on Android. In pilot with select customers, Hook was developed to enable media companies to quickly and easily deliver premium content to nearly all Android phones and tablets (going back to Android 2.2) -- a task that until now has been difficult with the limitations of Android in a post-Flash world.

"Live sports drive our network, but it's our ability to integrate live and on-demand content that gives Pac-12 sports fans the immersive and informative experience they crave," said David Aufhauser, vice president and general manager of Pac-12 Networks. "With Hook, we will be able to extend that experience to the large portion of our viewership that uses Android devices. Combined, the potential of Ooyala's new offerings will be huge for Pac-12 fans."

With live and linear streaming support, studio-approved digital rights management (DRM) technology, and HLS support to provide adaptive bitrate streaming, Hook provides optimal viewing experiences. Hook is available now on the Google Play store and, once installed, that device will automatically play video from any Hook-enabled website.

Hook was designed to be a compelling solution for publishers who are looking to deliver and monetize premium content without the high costs of developing native Android applications. Hook also supports ad insertions, most notably mid-roll ads for linear and VOD content, making it easy for content publishers to monetize their content through advertising. With Hook, Ooyala enables device-specific advertising strategies for Android as well as mobile-specific analytics ranging from video performance to viewer behavior that inform content and monetization strategies. In addition, Hook supports closed captioning to make the content more accessible and comply with regulatory mandates in various geographies.


Discover on Mobile, Play on TV with Ooyala XTV Connect
Informa Telecoms and Media reported that there will be 1.8 billion connected TV devices globally by 2016. Ooyala XTV Connect presents an easy way for publishers to take advantage of that fast-growing footprint and deliver a lean-back TV experience with video discovered on a mobile phone or tablet. With XTV Connect, viewers can send content from their iOS or Android phone or tablet directly to tens of millions of connected TVs and companion devices like Apple TVs, with the touch of a finger. By discovering content on their tablets or phones and watching it on the TV, users free up their mobile device for second-screen activity.

XTV Connect leverages DLNA technology, which comes preinstalled on most connected TVs, and AirPlay for Apple TV. XTV Connect dramatically simplifies the process for delivering content to connected TVs, giving media companies more advertising inventory in the living room. It is an integrated part of the Ooyala technology stack, so publishers can deploy XTV Connect rapidly to begin seeing the benefits of mobile-to-TV delivery.


Delivering Premium, Protected Content to All Screens
Today the company also introduced Ooyala Rights Locker, a highly scalable entitlement system that extends Ooyala's monetization capabilities for customers that need to manage granular permissions and advanced usage rules for linear and VOD content on a per-user basis. Rights Locker integrates with a publisher's subscriber management system to grant rights to either an individual asset, such as a live event or movie, or a bundle of assets such as a TV series or linear channel. Ooyala's authorization system integrates Rights Locker to enable customers to manage consumers' access to any encrypted, multi-DRM protected, or simply authorized streams.

For media companies and broadcasters requiring secure multi-screen delivery of fully protected content, Ooyala offers robust content protection to support all primary business and transaction models such as authenticated ad-supported content, subscription, rental, purchase and pay-per-view. Ooyala's multi-DRM support meets the strict needs of major studios and enables premium content providers to deploy their complete range of service offerings across all consumer devices including PCs, mobile and tablet devices, connected TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and companion streaming products.

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Ooyala delivers personalized video experiences across all screens and is the leader in online video management, publishing, analytics and monetization. Ooyala's integrated suite of technologies and services give content owners the power to expand audiences through deep insights that drive increased viewer engagement and revenue from video.

Companies using Ooyala technology include Telstra, ESPN, Pac-12 Enterprises, Miramax, Bloomberg, Telegraph Media Group, Telefonica, The North Face, Rolling Stone, Dell, Sephora and Yahoo! Japan. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Ooyala has offices in New York City, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Guadalajara, Mexico. The company works with premier reseller and technology partners throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, visit

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