Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
Lend Lease’s retail business has partnered with Splash Consulting Group, experts in marketing to women, to unveil ‘Good Times’; the new creative positioning statement for Lend Lease managed shopping centres.

Inspired by good times being at the core of all things shopping, the creative guide has been issued to all Lend Lease managed shopping centres across the country.

In developing the guide, Lend Lease’s retail business endeavoured to create a powerful brand while still encouraging the flexibility and creative spirit to connect with local markets. The guidelines focus on good design elements including emotive words, great colours and striking photography, all working to bring to life the notion that Lend Lease managed shopping centres are a place where special moments are shared.

Amanda Stevens, Managing Director of Splash Consulting Group, said the guide was inspired by customer insights and an intimate understanding of the shopping centre environment and its importance to local communities.

“To stand out from the crowd, a strong, unique brand is essential. But it’s also important to deliver this in a relevant and emotive way to the customer” she said.

Michael Dockery, General Manager Marketing of Lend Lease - Retail, said “we’ve captured the tools necessary to deliver great creative that connects with the consumer in a comprehensive guide that’s easy for centres to follow regardless of their individual retail cross-section and geographical location.”


For further information please contact

Mikaeli Costello, Publicist, Splash Consulting Group - 02 8394 6211 or [email protected]
Caz O’Neil, Publicist, Splash Consulting Group – 02 8394 6209 or [email protected]

Contact Profile

Mikaeli Costello

P: 02 8394 6211
M: 0401 580 685
W: www.splashgroup.com.au

Caz ONeil

P: 02 8394 6209
M: 0412 848 730


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