Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
IRIS Exchequer Software Australia, a leading provider of accounting software, ERP & Business Solutions, today announced its ‘refer a friend’ promotion that will see successful referrals receive a free Apple iPad.

Marketing manager Rupert Ralston explains the scheme will reward IRIS’ enthusiastic user base to let their friends in on the secret to stress-free accounting. “Our main goal with this promotion” said Rupert, “is that the next time a friend comes to you complaining about their legacy system, you can tell them there is a solution out there. That solution is, and has always been Exchequer Enterprise.” Once the IRIS Exchequer Enterprise system has been installed, an Apple iPad will be on its way to the successful referrer.

While some are brushing off the Apple iPad as a gimmick with little business value, Rupert contends “the unrealised potential for this product is huge. The SDK (developers toolkit) for the iPad has already been released and we are looking into virtual windows environments so you can access your entire PC or server through a terminal server connection.” IRIS Enterprise Software has a long established reputation for innovative solutions and they offer a range of software and services for businesses in every industry.

For more information on IRIS Enterprise Software Australia and Exchequer please visit http://www.irissql.com

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IRIS Enterprise Software Australia

Exchequer from IRIS Enterprise software is used by over 15,000 businesses worldwide ranging from growing small to medium and large sized businesses. The award-winning business software has won ‘Financial Software Provider of the Year’ in the Real Finance/CBI FDs’ Excellence Awards more times than any other provider and continues to stay ahead of the competition with $45 million (£20 million) invested into R&D in 2009.
Rupert Ralston
P: 02 9380 6220
W: www.irissql.com


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