Wednesday, March 27th, 2013
Digital Mantra Group (DMG), a leading full service public relations and online marketing agency, has launched its new Digital Marketing Check-up product.

Digital Marketing Check-up is for businesses small and large wanting to increase revenue generation by improving their most important face to the world, their online front door.

How professional a business presents online directly impacts its revenue generation capabilities, says DMG Director Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier.

“We look at everything about a business that is online – not just the website – that prospects and customers can see or search for.”

“This Check-up is often the first time businesses see exactly what customers see and it allows them to make adjustments and changes that accelerate the sales cycle and reduce time to revenue.”

 “DMG has been working with companies since 2001 on how and what they say to the world, so we have become highly experienced in how a company is perceived by new prospects and existing customers."

“We are really seeking an alignment with what the business wants to say and what is out there being searched and found by prospects researching the company or their products.”

“And the best thing is our Australian and USA marketing experts do all the work because we just examine publicly available information. So no meetings or briefings required.”

With reports of up to 93% of people now going online to research companies before they buy or invest, the digital world for every business needs constant nurturing, attention, monitoring and improving.

However many companies are not aware of how they come across online so in our online research we ask questions like:

·      Where do customers get the information and is it accurate, does it lead to the website and is there a reward when they arrive in the form of new information, an offer, a sign-up or an exclusive something that makes them feel special.

·      We also ask what media and bloggers are saying about the company and are they getting the publicity they need – or more or less than competitors.

·      We look at the social media side of the company and see if this is integrated. Also we examine how news and press releases are being used and repurposed to generate maximum SEO and great page rankings.

·      Also how does the company communicate with its prospects and we test out all communication channels.

All this and more is delivered within 24 hours in one complete and comprehensive report with actionable ways to improve revenue generation by improving what happens to prospects and customers in the online world.

The Check-up can also offer new and valuable insight as part of:

•  a review of sales and marketing improvement strategies

•  a re-brand or refresh

•  at the end or start of the financial year

•  planning improvements to pipeline or funnel blockages

•  before a merger or acquisition

•  a new ownership

•  a change in the market or sector that impacts your sales

•  a review of budget allocation across the company

•  an investor round or an IPO

Businesses can order the Check-up online and results and finding are sent back in a report within 24 hours.

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Digital Mantra Group (DMG)

Digital Mantra Group (DMG) is a full service public relations agency.

DMG was founded in 2001 in Silicon Valley and the Sydney office opened in 2002.

We help companies crack into big accounts, acquire significant investors, shorten time to revenue, and capture a bigger market share using our proven digital news media strategies.

 For example one of our recent clients had an 84% increase in lead generation, plus landed one of the world’s largest transport companies as a partner and investor.

We help build our client’s profiles using a range of communication tools across traditional print, TV and radio, social media and online media, content marketing, web and video marketing, blogging and press release marketing.
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