Monday, February 8th, 2010
In what is becoming a tradition, fast turnaround printing house, Print Mint, is offering an exclusive, round-the-clock, discount printing service to Adelaide's Fringe performers again this year.

Not only are there special Fringe rates to support the 2010 crop of talented artists, but a special mobile number for arranging printing after hours.

Print Mint’s Carolyn Johnston says this flexible, discount printing service is our way of being part of the Fringe.

“Audience numbers can make or break a show and one of the vital elements for getting crowds and building atmosphere is good quality flyers and posters,” says Carolyn.

“You won’t find us wearing piercings or doing stand up comedy but we can do our bit to help build the buzz around the hive of creativity that is the Fringe.

“We’re pretty good now at knowing what sizes and quantities most performers need so we’ll be waiting by the phone to spring into action. The special number for Fringe performers is 0413 273 938.

“All Fringe performers are welcome, except, perhaps for Fire Breathers – we might ask them to wait outside!”

A special Fringe page at has a list of exclusive pricing offers just for performers. It also details other services that might be needed, should reformatting or redesign be needed.


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Print Mint

Print Mint is centrally located in Adelaide at 59 Flinders Street, Adelaide, just near Gawler Place.
T 08 82329860 F 08 82329861 W E [email protected]
Carolyn Johnston
P: 0413 273 938


Adelaide Print Shop, Print Mint, is offering Fringe artists extended hours, special prices, and direct access to its printing staff, so performers can access a reliable supply of printing on demand - posters, flyers, leaflets



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