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Discover the latest trends and shake up your feelings about fitness at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo

The Australian Fitness & Health Expo is the largest event of its kind in Australia, providing visitors with access to the most comprehensive range of fitness and health products available in the fitness and health industry.

In 2010 the expo brings to the exhibition floor some of the hottest international trends now taking the Australian market by storm. Visitors have an unparalleled opportunity to discover new products, review the latest trends and meet the who’s who of fitness providers and innovators.

Exhibition Manager, Ashley Robertson, said the Fitness & Health Expo is a hive of innovation and inspiration and a place where the fitness industry can thrive and develop.

“The Australian Fitness & Health Expo provides the industry with a literal smorgasbord of innovative product and the latest trends. We want businesses and individuals alike to be at the cutting edge, so we create a meeting place to engage with suppliers, experiment with new products and get acquainted with the latest industry trends,” Robertson said.

Latin inspired dance fitness program and international success story, Zumba, is a new exhibitor in 2010 and has been active in Australia for almost 12 months.

Known as the fitness party, Zumba combines music, dance steps and choreography to provide an effective cardio and interval based workout.

Zumba Fitness Marketing Agent, Deborah Goldberg, said that Zumba’s universal appeal has seen it become a lifestyle for millions of followers worldwide – kids, seniors, men, women and everyone in between. She said there is a Zumba class to suit all intensities, from Zumba in the pool to the more intense Zumba Toning workout.

“The Zumba lifestyle consists of living your life on your terms and not sacrificing yourself to achieve happiness. The workout burns up to 1000 calories per hour but it’s fun, so people keep coming back again and again – not because they have to but because they want to,” Goldberg said.

Altitude Technology Solutions will display its latest hypoxic chamber, launched in January this year, and provide expo visitors with a chance to experience simulated altitude training on the exhibition floor.

Education Development Coordinator at Altitude Technology Solutions, Rob Darley, said that altitude training enhances most other training formats and improves the efficiency of any ergometer or calisthenic workout.

“Altitude training is unique because it creates significant time efficiency benefits and creates a new level of metabolic stimulus that does not occur unless you specifically travel to train at high altitudes. We provide cost effective options for gyms or home users to access this technology and experience its exceptional benefits,” Darley said.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and television series Ultimate Fighter has sparked a renewed interest in the world of martial arts as a fitness program.

The Fitness & Health Expo will deliver numerous exhibitors specialising in this field such as MMA Factory, Mani Sports & Fitness Australia, Velocity International, HCJ Boxing and Pro Fit Boxing Courses & Equipment.

Expo visitors will have the opportunity to trial two new products from boxing apparel and equipment supplier, Team Fenech. KPS washable boxing gloves and mitts and the Punchmaster boxing machine will be launched in Australia in April and available for purchase at the expo.

Endorsed, trialled and tested by former world champion boxers Jeff Fenech and Mike Tyson, the Punchmaster boxing machine, consists of five punching pads on a steel frame, spring loaded for shock absorption. The machine easily bolts to the wall and allows the user to gain a great all-over work out with a combination of punches and kicks.

KPS (knuckle protection system) boxing gloves and mitts are machine washable and alleviate the stench and unhygienic nature of shared or personal gloves. The products are especially useful for personal trainers who can now supply their clients with cleaner gloves for training.

Team Fenech Managing Director, Andrew Koska, said the new products have been developed as a result of constant requests for such products.

“Our washable mitts and gloves and the Punchmaster were both developed in response to the needs and demands of the industry. They make great sense, are incredibly convenient and practical and perform to the highest expectations. We expect as much demand from trainers and gyms as we do from consumers,” Koska said.

The Australian Fitness & Health Expo, 30 April – 2 May 2010, will house almost 300 exhibitors displaying the latest trends and new products in the Australian fitness and health industry. Visitors can find new ways to grow their business and retain customers whilst consumers can find the solutions to their fitness and health goals.

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